Love in hot pursuit must be a tragedy

/October 2021

When the TV series 101 proposal became popular in Japan, I fell in love with a girl who was 4 years younger than me and was in graduate school at the time. 

Therefore, I have launched a crazy pursuit of this girl like Tatsuro Hoshino in the TV series. 

To my surprise, she didn't seem to hate what I did. 

In other words, she seems to be "following the trend". 

For example, when I asked her, "what will you do this Saturday?" she would answer frankly, "I'm going to go shopping at Xiwu Department Store in Ikebukuro alone in the evening." 

So, on Saturday evening, I rushed to the Seiwu department store, desperately looking for her from the food store on the ground to the fashion store on the ground. 

After looking for more than an hour, I finally found her in the corner of the shop on the third floor. 

Seeing me sweating awkwardly, she seemed to smile with great satisfaction. 

Laughing, she said to me, "in the evening, I want to eat roast!" 

In this way, I was "tossed" by her for nearly half a year. 

One day half a year later, she said to me, "it seems it would be nice to go out with you." 

Hearing this, I felt as if I was floating. 

And the six months after that was indeed the happiest time from my birth to the age of 25. 

In retrospect, I was too hard on myself at that time. 

For example, she would call me early in the morning and say, "I want to eat bread, but I don't have it at home." 

So I immediately rushed out of the house and onto the subway. 

After two transfers, she arrived near her house, found a nearby bakery to buy bread, and then trotted to her home. 

Since her home and my company are in opposite directions, after I handed the bread to her, I quickly ran back to the subway station, rushed to the subway, and went straight to the company. 

In addition, what pains me most is that she is a devout Christian-I have to go to church with her every Sunday. 

After reading the thick Bible, I clasped my palms together, prayed devoutly, and finally donated money to the priest-for me, without any religious heart, every Sunday was the hardest time of the week. 

Once, a college classmate of mine got married at noon on Sunday. 

In the face of wedding and prayer, I took it for granted that I chose the former. 

But when she heard that I was going to the wedding, she yelled at me angrily, "Which do you think is more important, God or mortals?" 

Forced by her authority, I had to rush to the wedding after the church mass. 

But when I got there, there were only cleaning staff left at the wedding site. 

In retrospect, I lost face that day. 

But it also made me fully realize that friends are more important to me than the God I don't know at all. 

Therefore, I am "wholehearted" to her, but I am afraid she is only "10% devoted" to me. 

In other words, the balance of love between us is not balanced-she is like a queen at the top, and I am a slave at the feet of the queen. 

However, for me at that time, as long as I could be with my beloved day and night, it was the greatest happiness in my life. 

Therefore, even if I become a "slave", I am willing to do so. 

The good times didn't last long, and the breakup came suddenly without any mental preparation. 

Suddenly one day, she said to me, "I'm going back to my hometown for a week or so. Please don't contact me during this time." 

"I won't see you or hear your voice for a week. I'll miss you very much." 

I'll be honest. 

However, at the thought of not having to go to church for mass on Sunday, I decided to put up with it. 

A few days later, her mother suddenly called me and asked, "I can't get in touch with my daughter. Do you know where she is?" 


Hasn't she gone back to her hometown? " 

I asked in surprise. 

As a result, her mother replied sadly, "the child hasn't been back for more than half a year, and she never says she wants to go home when she calls occasionally."

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