Love in the book-1

/November 2021

From the moment she fell in love with writing, she seemed obsessed. After working for eight hours, she wanted to spend two minutes a minute. She really had a gift for this. In addition, she had loved reading since childhood. As soon as she touched the keyboard, she was full of literature, and her efforts lived up to her heart. A few months later, her words appeared in many newspapers and magazines. 

She was a little smug and rejoiced that she had made such an achievement over the age of thirty. 

Whenever she received the payment, she could not help but feel proud to keep him busy for her. At that moment, she felt that she was the queen. 

One of her short novels about officialdom was accidentally read by President Li of Yiyun Publishing House in a magazine. President Li found her contact information through the magazine. After talking to her, he learned that she worked in an agency unit. She was advised to write a novel that reflects the work and life of the agency, and the publishing house paid her handsomely according to the quality of the novel. 

She has long been tired of the office life from eight to six. At the end of this year, although she did not receive as much money as her salary, she lived a full life, and the life she longed for in her bones was that time could be at her own disposal. To put it bluntly, she is a person who does not like to be bound. 

She discussed with him whether he could resign and create professionally on the grounds that the publisher asked her to write a book. 

He meditated for a moment and asked, "you are a civil servant. How many people dream of getting into the office? have you really made up your mind?" 

She nodded heavily. 

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He replied, "I'm 32 years old. I can't waste any more time. I've made up my mind to do what I like to do, as long as you agree."

Seeing that she had made up his mind, he smiled and said, "even if you don't write, my salary can support you and your daughter. I hope you are happy!" 

He works in the Bureau of Industry and Commerce, where he is the head of the Enterprise Section and is the backbone of the bureau's business. 

When she saw that he agreed, she hugged him and kissed him for a few times, and then cried out like a child, "I can finally get out of work, and I can finally sleep late every day."