Love in the book-2

/November 2021

After going through the formalities related to her resignation, she signed an agreement with the publishing house that the time limit for writing the novel was half a year. 

Without the interference of work, he took care of all the housework, and she calmly began to conceive the novel, because she had never written a long novel before, and she couldn't start it. He was very distressed as he watched her meditate and comforted: "haven't you ever seen a pig run away without eating pork?" 

She frowned and said angrily, "can't you talk well?" 

It's uneducated to say such disgusting things! " 

His educational level is not high. He graduated from junior high school to join the army and transferred to the Trade and Industry Bureau five years ago. 

As a top student in the Chinese Department of the Provincial normal University, she was recruited as a secretary by the Education Commission as soon as she graduated. 

Because from an early age, she admired the man in military uniform and had this military complex, and then she saw that he was tall, sense security-minded and married him in less than a year after she knew him. 

Seeing her unhappy face, he was busy cooking. 

Finally, after looking up the information on the Internet for a few days, she drew up an outline and announced happily that it was ready to go to war. She asked him to look at it, but he said, "I don't understand. I'll cook for you!" 

He ran happily into the kitchen. 

Six months later, the first draft was finally completed, with nearly 200000 words. 

She has nothing to do with the agency, and she has no scruples about writing things. She filters out short stories based on what she has seen and heard in the agency over the past ten years, taking them as the mainline, and then intersperses some contents such as the big environment and small environment as the background. this unique structure even makes her feel fresh and fresh. 

She named the novel "entering the Organ Courtyard".

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