Love in the book-3

/November 2021

In the meantime, she wanted him to see it several times, but he refused. He didn't say he didn't understand it, but he interrupted her train of thought. 

She felt that he was getting farther and farther away from her and sometimes thought that it might have been a mistake to marry him in the first place. 

After reading the first draft of the novel from beginning to end, President Li held her hand tightly and said admiringly, "I have the right eye!" 

You are such a talented and beautiful woman! " 

With that, he stared at her with warm eyes. 

She was a little embarrassed and hurriedly pulled her hand out. 

President Li felt that he was a little out of line and changed the topic: "your husband has directed a lot of your novel, hasn't he?" 

I hear he works in the agency, too. 

It's so hard for you husband and wife! " 

She sighed gently at the thought that he didn't read a word of her article. 

After capturing her changes, President Li said, "this novel has a new idea and unique structure. I'll help you with some technical problems, but in the end, the copyright and everything are yours. I'm just tutoring." 

Two months later, the novel she revised in cooperation with President Li became a hit, and she became a celebrity. 

After returning home from lectures from many colleges and universities, she, who was coated with a halo, felt even more of his commonness and said to him, "Let's split up!" 

Don't you see that we have different aspirations and different paths? " 

He asked her, like the last time she resigned and discussed with him, "have you made up your mind?" 

Facing his candid eyes, she said, "will we have something in common in the future?" 

You don't even read what I wrote. 

Instead of getting bigger and bigger in the future, we might as well get along well and break up now. " 

He took a deep look at her and said aloud, "do you know?" 

You are the novel I have been reading. I have read you roughly while you are writing. as soon as you frown, I will know that you are stuck and give you a cup of milk to relieve your fatigue. As soon as you smile, I know that you write very well and tell your daughter not to disturb you. 

I don't read your novels because I'm worried that my opinions will affect your way of thinking. After all, women think differently from men. 

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Now, I'm going to give you a present. " 

He went to the bedroom to take a red book and handed it to her. She opened it curiously. It was a diploma of Chinese language major in the national self-study examination. 

"I also signed up for an undergraduate course, and I'm going to take two years to win all the courses," he said with a smile. 

Am I qualified to be your secretary? " 

Her eyes are moist, she has worked in the Education Commission, and she knows that self-study examinations are very difficult, not only perseverance but also a solid cultural foundation. 

In the past, he was only a junior high school graduate, especially in the past two years, she did nothing about family affairs, and he also did a good job. 

She picked up her cell phone, dialed a number in front of him, and said word by word, "President Li, my husband is the best man in the world. I can't live without him. I can only say sorry to you!" 

Goodbye! "