Love in Wechat-1

/November 2021

Having been using Wechat for four years, I searched the neighborhood for the first time. 

A handsome and gentle avatar broke into my eyes, 800 meters apart, in fact, very close! 

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This is the first time I say hello to a stranger on Wechat. 

I passed your friend verification request, and now we can start talking. 

I received the message after a long time. 

But we didn't talk. 

I began to have a stranger in my Wechat who just lay quietly in the address book but didn't feel like there was an intersection. 

At first, I didn't know that later I would fall hopelessly in love with you. 

One night two days later, I lay in bed with nothing to do. 

I flipped through the Wechat address book and saw the handsome avatar. 


Are you there? " 

I'm talking. 

Look, what a cliche prologue. 

After looking at the information, the address shows Ningbo. 

"are you from Ningbo?" 


Well, I'm from Ningbo! " 

I was a little surprised that you replied to my message in a second. 

Because I have always thought that the second return is a virtue. 

"it's so far away. I thought you were on our side!" 

I was a little lost for no reason. 

I come from a small county town in Gansu, a small place where the traffic is not very convenient. 

I am in the north, and you belong to the water village in the south of the Yangtze River. 

It turns out that the so-called 800 meters are just an illusion. 

"my college classmate got married a few days ago. He's from you. I went to the wedding, and now I've gone back to Ningbo!" 

"I see. 

Wen Xuan? 

Is this Wechat nickname your real name? " 

"well, that's it. My last name is Han!" 

That's right, Han Wenxuan. 

Your name became my robbery. 

It is also the sweet existence of my life for quite a long time. 

Throughout February, just after the New year, there was a peaceful scene everywhere, and the air was always filled with a festive flavor. 

The atmosphere of February between me and you also began to become subtle. Every night, I talked for a long time, lost track of time, and forgot the strange and puzzled eyes of the people around me when I laughed at my phone all the time. 

We hit it off as soon as we hit it off, and time always slipped away before we knew it. 

You say you like to eat hot pot, mashed garlic cucumbers, pickled pepper baby vegetables, plums, grapes, peanuts, water-soluble. 

You like light blue and white best. 

And all this is surprisingly the same as mine. 

I was shocked to hear this. No one has ever been the same as everything I like. 

Your birthday is in October, and so am I. 

You are a Scorpio, and so am I. 

I don't like sweets. 

You too. 

We all love a series of super spicy things such as Zhou's Black Duck, which is tasteless and drunken. 

I joked: "you are not my previous life, are you?" 

Hobbies and things like me are incredible. " 

"it's possible. 

It's probably just a transgender later, and everything else is intact. " 

You have a happy look on your face. 

We video, send photos, like lovers, no scruples. 

It is natural for you to say that I am as beautiful as flowers, beautiful, talented, and single. 

I said that you are handsome, unrestrained, funny, humorous, and extraordinary, and I have a balance in my heart.