Love in Wechat-3

/November 2021

I have never worried about a person so seriously. 

I am afraid that you are unhappy, that you are sick and unattended, that you are lost and lonely, that you are suddenly polite to me, that if we do not contact you, you will forget me. 

But I know that what I fear most is that there is nothing I can do when you are sick, and even the concern and greetings seem pale and superfluous. 

I want to make a call, listen to your voice, and tell you that you have me. 

However, I don't have your number. 

"you have to be good." 

I tried to keep the second half of the sentence in my heart without saying: otherwise, I would be very worried. 

"suddenly found that you are suitable for business, your personality, the way you deal with the world, it is easy to gain a sense of identity, it is easy for others to accept, coupled with your unique language charm, you can certainly be very successful." 

You suddenly changed the subject: "you must take care of yourself and be good." 

I panicked because I have always stubbornly believed that when a person tells you to take good care of yourself, it proves that he is leaving. 

You left, disappeared, disappeared on the Internet. 

I waited all night, day after night, and you never showed up on time. 

I open Wechat, click on the dialog box, but can not see the familiar "the other party is typing …" 

At 01:15 in the morning on March 10, 20xx, I was sleepless and wrote in my moments: a snot and a tear. 

You're the only one who can see it. 

For nothing else, I just want you to see that even if you inadvertently ask what's wrong with you, I will be happy and satisfied. 

But you didn't. 

You scare me like you suddenly disappeared. 

With so much in common, do you now love me as much as I love you? 

Do you care about me as much as I worry about you? 

Friday, March 11, 20xx. 

"you have a runny nose and tears. You can't catch a cold, too, can you?" 

I was ecstatic when you finally showed up. 

"No, I'm fine! 

What about you? 

Are you over your cold? " 

I hastened to reply, lest you might disappear again. 

You disappeared for two days, and my world has been gone for six years. 

"well, it's so neat! 

It has cooled down again recently, and it takes courage to get up in the morning! " 

"The cold weather can not stop your pace, you have to rain or shine, wind and rain, not afraid of cold, not afraid of heat, to meet your future girlfriend." 

I don't know what I'm talking about again.

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