Love in Wechat-4

/November 2021

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"you're right. I'll take 99 steps first and let my future girlfriend take the rest." 

I applauded countless times in my heart across the screen. 

Saturday, March 19, 20xx. 

"Recently, there are some signs of becoming stupid. Will it be even more stupid when you fall in love? it will be stupid when you get married." 

I sent you these words. 

Isn't it because I fell in love with you that I realized that a girl's IQ is zero as soon as she falls in love? 

"if you are stupid in love, you will be happy in the end. 

Are you in love? " 


Cold Moquin, you big fool, why don't you even have the courage to say, "Yes, I'm in love with you". 

I despise myself thousands of times in my heart. 

"that is the desire, impulse, and thought to fall in love. 

Love becomes silly, you said! " 

"so you want to introduce me to someone?" 

I asked on purpose. 


I want to introduce myself to such a nice girl who wants to be selfish. " 

I remember one thing you said, you once fell in love with a girl, but gave it to your buddy, because at that time you thought it was righteous. 

"Life is so long, you must find someone who likes each other, or you'd rather be alone." 

You go on. 

"I'm sure we'll find that man." 

It might be me, right? 

Thinking in this way, I was secretly happy. 

After about two minutes, "are you sleepy?" 

Why don't you talk? " 

I asked. 

You always reply in seconds to the messages I send. 

"No, someone is looking for her. She is in a bad mood and comforts her." 

My heart thumped, and I was speechless for a while, but I didn't say a word for a long time. 

The air was filled with a strong smell of vinegar. 

"Are you asleep?" 


"Why don't you talk? I thought you were asleep." 

"Don't leave any time for you to comfort others. 

I'll leave you alone! " 

I pretended that I didn't have any psychological change. 

"you think too much, we are buddies in the same relationship, I am so busy, I must first care about what I care about." 

"you care." 

I wanted to make a question mark, but I typed in a full stop after thinking about it. 

It's a question mark. Maybe you'll be embarrassed? 

If you didn't tell me, how can I go after him?