Love in Wechat-5

/November 2021

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I thought you said that as long as you love each other, the age distance is not a problem. 

Why must there be a premise that I am by your side? 

I'm confused. 

"if there are too many variables, it is not reliable. 

Besides, there are so many people around you. " 

I didn't ask you why you can't fall in love with the distant me first. 

"but like you, unique, after all, there is no." 

"well, everyone is unique, unique." 

Thank God, at least you have me in your heart now. 


Sunday, March 20, 20xx. 

"have you come back yet?" 

"back, all the time." 

"I thought you were waiting for me." 

"you are so right. 

What did you do today? 

He ignored me all day. " 

I tilted my mouth. 

"I went to see the cherry blossoms." 

"With who?" 

Thousands of "it can't be a woman" flew in front of me. " 

"A man. 

You're not coming. 

I went out to look at the couple, feeling sad. " 

"what do you hurt? 

You have me. " 

I suddenly feel a little distressed. 

"Without you, I was waiting for you under the cherry tree today, but you didn't come. 

How much I want to be with you. " 

"How can I leave you alone? 

Wait, from now on, I will be a regular customer in the south of the Yangtze River. " 

"are you going to settle down in the south of the Yangtze River?" 

"when you take me in, I will be an idiot." 

"No, I'm here." 

"it's good to have you." 

I smiled and my heart blossomed with joy. 

"if there is a naive relationship with you. 

How nice. " 

"it will." 

I made up the words you omitted. "together." 

If we were together one day, how nice it would be, and what a happy ending everyone would have. 

I'm just excited to think about it. 

But, will you? 

God knows. 

"go to your city in the future and rent a house to live next door to you." 

"well, you can have it." 

I was overjoyed as if you were already by my side.