Love in Wechat-6

/November 2021

Monday, March 21, 20xx. 

"I sent my resume in Beijing, and I was called to come over for an interview." 

"if you have a deal, will you withdraw? 

Leave Ningbo? 

Go north from now on? " 


Take a week off for an interview. 

Are you coming or not? 

I'll take you to Happy Valley. " 

"you are so busy that I don't have the heart to disturb you." 

Not having the heart to disturb was the most reasonable reason I could think of at that time, no, the most reasonable excuse. 

To go to a strange city, people are not familiar with the land, in addition to courage, but also need a certain material foundation. 

And what do I have? 

Have a love for you? 

But after all, I live in a real-life where I can't eat love. 

"is Beijing closer to Lanzhou?" 

"it's getting closer. 

But why do I feel farther away? " 

I said, "actually, I don't understand what I'm saying." 

It can only be understood. 

"you think in your heart that I am in Ningbo and suddenly want to leave, but subconsciously I am far away because if I leave, I am far away." 

"How can you know me so well?" 

I had a sore nose: "leaving is a word with a sense of distance." 

"look at you, don't think about it. 

I'll drop in on my classmates in Beijing. Will you come or not? " 

"you come." 

"Where to?" 

"go where you think is good." 

"there's a place for you." 


What I want to say is, "then come to Lanzhou. Lanzhou has me." 

However, how can I have the heart to let such an ambitious you come from one small city to another? 

Beijing, is your choice, your dream. 

"I especially looked at the recruitment of talents in Lanzhou." 

"what's the result? 

Did you miss it? " 


You added a smiley face. 

The following night I fell into endless insomnia. 

Tossing and turning, tossing and turning, unable to sleep, my head was in a mess and confused. 

My mind is like a kite with a broken line, floating to and fro. 

I fell asleep just before dawn. 

In the dream, we went to the beautiful Bali island together. 

For the first time, I dreamt of such a vague person so clearly. 

Know that there will be insomnia, but will still sleep because always fall asleep, even if there is a struggle, even if the sleep is already dawn. 

So even if you know it's hard to fall in love, why not give it a try? 

Even if you can't get the right result in the end, isn't it beautiful to have the process of being infatuated?

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