Love in Wechat-7

/November 2021

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You arrive in Beijing on the afternoon of March 24th. 

We didn't have any contact for the next four days. 

It's like you're missing again. 

I hold my phone every night and stare at the dialog box, "what are you doing? are you busy?" 

"Are you all right in Beijing?" 

"How was the interview?" 

"it's raining in Lanzhou. What about you? 

Remember to take an umbrella with you when you go out! " 

"I miss you!" 

"Why are you ignoring me these days?" 

I edited and deleted the message, deleted it, and edited it, but I didn't dare to send a message for fear of disturbing you. 

It is said that a person who is too clingy will eventually be disliked. 

So, I chose to wait silently, waiting for an opportunity, a time when I am brave enough to disturb you. 

On March 29, the fifth day you arrived in Beijing, Lanzhou was a gray day, with strong winds and dust crashing around. 

The weather in early spring is still inexplicably frozen hands and feet. 

I put up my collar and went straight home after work. 

Cooking, eating, washing, playing with your cell phone in bed, the same pace of life. 

If you are too idle and bored, something will happen. 

This sentence is true. 

"are you there?" 

"How was the interview?" 

"Why didn't you talk to me these days?" 

I sent you three messages in one breath, nervous and relieved. 

"The interview went well and training has already begun. 

In a few days, I will go back to Ningbo and take over the work there. 

Then he came to Beijing, and after that, Ching Ming Festival began to work here officially. " 


In the future, it will develop in the big city, not bad! 

I'm so happy for you! " 

The tears suddenly popping out of the corner of my eye wet the phone screen. 

"Thank you." 

Your sudden politeness made me up and down, and I didn't know what to do. 

I went back to three full stops when I couldn't find any topic for a while.