Love is better at room temperature

/September 2021

Seeing each other at first sight, each other's eyes have an indescribable surprise. Sometimes, the edge of the eye is amazing, so you can quickly identify this person in your heart. 

It's just that this love has always been faint, and there is no heartache of "unknown origin". Some people just feel at ease when they see each other. 

He was born with no sweet words, and he didn't talk much when he was together. Sometimes, she thought he was a bit stingy. As for her, after the last bone-chilling love, it seems that there is no more enthusiasm to treat this relationship around her. To be exact, she can't trust any man easily.  

Therefore, they also associate with each other like that, and their life is dull, but they are also comfortable with light clouds. Until one day, he proposed to get married. This unromantic man even had to pull her to choose the ring, saying that it would save her the size and change it. At that moment, she was hesitant. Can such feelings as light as the water get married? At heart, she refused to accept the marriage without a love foundation. 

The reason why she has such concerns is probably the sequela of her ex-boyfriend. 

In fact, in the beginning, she had no feelings for that man. She told him clearly that she did not love him, but he was not discouraged at all. Instead, he looked at her with deep affection and said solemnly, "It doesn't matter if you don't love me, just let me love you, but you have to keep my right to stay with you." 

She was touched by such a moving confession, and later she was infected by the enthusiasm of this man, who made her discover that loving someone can be desperate. Those grand and fine favors are infiltrated little by little on ordinary days day after day; His meticulous kindness to her finally brought her down completely. Once, he was out socializing and drunk, but he drove back in the middle of the night. He said he was afraid that his baby could not sleep well alone. He often buys roses and lilies, which makes her feel like celebrating Valentine's Day every day … 

However, even this kind of love still has no happy ending. A year later, he changed his mind. He can love a lot of people so madly, and she just happened to be by his side at a certain time.  

It is such a somewhat conventional story that she once questioned whether the man in front of her could give her the happiness she wanted. An ex-boyfriend used to love her in such an unrequited way, but the blazing enthusiasm can be extinguished instantly. Now, he just loved it lightly from the beginning, so how can the love with little water stand the boring life day after day? 

Later, she saw a passage from the host Li Jing in the magazine. This wise woman once summed up love like this: "When a woman is young, there are generally two kinds of love: one is the high-temperature love with a high fever of 100 degrees; One is the long-term low-fever love, you always wonder whether he loves you or not, and it consumes you until you are exhausted. But the love that can give a woman happiness is not a high fever or a low fever, but this 36-degree 8 love, constant temperature, and peace. " 

At that moment, she was suddenly relieved. She instantly realized that her life had quietly become better since she was with the person in front of her. There is no "I love you", but only a simple and mellow little life. But I don't know why, at that moment, she suddenly felt very at ease. 

There are a lot of casual little things because they are too subtle. After all, his love doesn't look strong enough, which makes her hesitate. 

After realizing this, she began to accompany him happily to choose rings, wedding dresses, and hotels. From then on, she was willing to be the hostess in his life. This seemingly uneventful life has deep friendship every day.

Indeed, love is better at normal temperatures. The natural appropriateness and gentleness are the most grounded and can last forever.

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