Love is happiness together

/September 2021

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He fell in love with her at first sight, but when he talked about marriage, he got into trouble. He comes from an ordinary family, while her father is the boss of a factory, and she thinks that her daughter can find better people.

Without her parents' blessing and help, she moved into his little house and married him. He has been an assistant to the president since he was a small clerk, and he is prosperous in the company; She helps her father take care of the factory, and is desperately busy every day. Just, become separated from two cities, although close, but can't sleep together every night.

Love is happiness together. When she looks at her sleeping daughter, her face is covered with his shadow. Her daughter is just like him, even when she talks, she touches her right ear carelessly, just like him.

The father said, "Tell him to take over the factory. The son-in-law is just like his son." She immediately went back: "No, he has his own career." She would also drive for nearly an hour in the middle of the night, go from city to city, get into his arms, and wash his dirty clothes and smelly socks after tenderness.

Later, in the eyes of outsiders, their marriage was like this: the two places separated and met occasionally. As a result, many rumors about him emerged. She also heard about it, but she believed him, so she never asked.

That time, while accompanying a client, he drank alcohol poisoning. She drove the car like it was going to fly on the highway. She thought that the first thing she saw was "manage the factory with me". But after seeing him, I didn't say it. I just waited on him carefully in the hospital, fed him soup and told him jokes.

Later, he felt everything was ready and opened a factory, which was much bigger than her father's. The father-in-law finally looked at him differently and appreciated him sincerely. However, at the dinner table, she said to her parents in front of him: "Please ask others to manage the factory, I will not do it, I will go home to be a full-time wife."

They can finally be together every day. People who knew him found a strange thing: once upon a time, he worked for others and drank and entertained desperately; Now that he is the boss, he lives in seclusion and keeps a low profile.

Outsiders don't know, but they know in their own hearts.

He knows that she hates being a strong woman, but for her husband, she must manage the factory for her parents, because this is what he should do. If he doesn't do it, she must do it for him.

She knew that he had worked hard for so many years, just to prove to her that he could give her happiness. Now, this wish has come true, and he wants to make up for the sweet time he owes her.

When many people complain that marriage life is boring and boring, the older they are, the more sticky they are. Even when she goes to water the flowers, he rushes to feed the birds.

What is the most beautiful promise of love? Not "I want to give you happiness", but "we are happy together".