Love is like fingerprints that never change

/September 2021

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She comes from an aristocratic family. At the age of 18, she is as delicate as a rose and as lovely as a butterfly. 

A large group of children of the family around, obsessed with her frown and smile, she just needs to reach out to hold one, this life will firmly grasp the wealth and splendor. 

It's just that there is something in the girl's heart that is ready to move. If there is no love to nourish it, there will be only one sigh in the best years. 

Unfortunately, none of these young men around her can live in her heart. 

When I met him, when I went to the jewelry store to pick up the jewelry, her beauty and elegance were engraved into his heart. Like a reception goddess, he carefully tried on and packed it for her, and carefully told her to pay attention. 

He was just a craftsman, but his handsome, polite, and knowledgeable heart trembled as soft as flowers. 

From then on, she became a regular at the jewelry store, and she would spend the whole day sitting next to him with her cheek in her hand and a smile in her eyes, patiently watching him turn a piece of gold into a beautiful ring, such as enjoying the greatest performance in the world. 

He would stay up for several nights, the oil lamp was on, and his eyebrows were gazing under the lamp, just to make a butterfly earring that she liked. 

Their communication is natural and sweet, just like butterflies falling in love with flowers, where there are flowers, there are butterflies, where there are butterflies, there are flowers. They agreed that they would hold each other's hands for the rest of their lives and never turn their back on them. 

An aristocratic lady, a poor boy, how can the secular vision allow them to stay together forever? 

She held his hand and promised: "No one can separate us. I will have a showdown with my family. You must believe me!"

At this time, she is going to marry someone else. 

When she was firmly clinging to the idea of breaking with the family to fight for love, misfortune came like a huge wave in the bow. 

The brutal war led to the decline of her family overnight, the family may have been displaced, and the only person who can save her family is a promising general. 

In an instant, fate weighed a heavy burden on her delicate shoulders, fighting for love for her happiness, selfish happiness alone, or sacrificing herself to save the family into the whole family? 

In the end, she chose the latter. 

The wedding date has been fixed, the man entrusted the task of making the bride's wedding ring to his jewelry store, and the boss gave him the important task. 

His heart broke into spring catkins, falling in the air, many times, the fate of people can not choose, such being the case, he can only pray silently, hoping that the people he loved will be happy all their lives. 

He decided to make a unique ring for her as if she were always the only one in his heart. 

Instead of using the materials provided by the jewelry store, he took out all his savings and asked someone to buy a 3-carat colored diamond from South Africa. Although it was not the largest, it was pure and flawless. It was a rare treasure in the diamond, just like the pure and flawless love between him and her. 

Months later, the ring finally took shape. The affectionate ring, with its beautiful shape and dazzling brilliance, attracted many aristocrats to come to buy it, but no matter how high the price they offered, he shook his head firmly. 

In the eyes of outsiders, the ring is already beautiful and extraordinary, but he is not satisfied with it. There are countless beautiful rings in the world. How can he be unique and let her know his heart will never change? 

He took the diamond ring, pondered it day and night, and studied it night and night. 

By chance, when he was modifying the silver ring for a civilian woman, he accidentally burned his finger with a red-hot silver ring. At the same time, he was pleasantly surprised to find that there were fingerprints on the silver ring, which could no longer be erased. 

Yes, his fingerprints are branded on her diamond ring, his love for her is unique, and his fingerprints are unique. 

Six months later, when the ideal diamond ring was finally completed, his hands were covered with scars, sunken eye sockets, pin bones, and white hair on his head. 

She married on schedule, and her heart trembled when a pure and dazzling ring was held in front of her. The diamond ring was so beautiful and pure, such as the spring snow, as well as the pink love she had once had. 

She picked up the ring and looked at it carefully and found that there was a clear and complete fingerprint inside the ring. 

Watching, she suddenly burst into tears and kissed the ring affectionately. 

Those are his fingerprints, and no one but him will endure the pain of burns and print them on a small ring. 

How painful it was when he put his hand into the red ring! 

From then on, the diamond ring became the most important thing in her life, and she often sat at the floor-to-ceiling window, staring blankly for a long time, smiling in her eyes and slowly filled with tears. 

Inadvertently, fate pushed another choice in front of her. 

A few years later, her husband died on the battlefield and she became the widow of a martyr. 

This time, in grief, she chose to live for herself. she refused her family's arrangement and decided to find the owner of the fingerprint diamond ring. 

In a jewelry store called "fingerprint Ring-Love, you are unique", she finally met her lover who had been away for 30 years. 

At this time, he had already gray temples, she also looked haggard, the only constant is that the four-eyes look at each other at that moment, each other's eyes reflect each other's shadow. 

He has been unmarried, after 30 years, finally waiting for the goddess in his heart, this time, no force can separate them, they want to be like the fingerprints on the ring, never change their love for each other. 

Her name is Julie Weng, and his name is St. Pull. they live in France in the 18th century. Their stories make more people believe in love. Their fingerprint rings have been spread to this day. Many people in love will buy a fingerprint ring. I wish my love is as unique as a fingerprint and as everlasting as a fingerprint.