Love is no match for time

/October 2021

This year, I can also sing a little song in the summer limp air, the pigeons in the square, do not decline food but refuse to touch, thinking that I can always be by your side and gallop through the corner of the city. 

The longest summer, soaked by the vaguest feelings, yes, you can recite my poems, but not your promises. 

At 10:23 on June 13th, I held hands for the first time. 

Know that I like you for a long time, yes, my eyes that have been following you have betrayed me. 

The moment I held your hand, it was not very hot this summer, even though I laughed at the cold sweat in the palm of your hand. 

At 4:45 p.m. on June 14th, I kissed for the first time. 

You said I was skilled, and before you asked me to tell you, I smiled and said nothing. 

But you don't know, I have decided to be loyal to you in my heart. 

The wild dog that has been circling us can testify to this. 

Late at night on June 20th, the time is unknown, the first ML. 

You know what happens when you take you to the hotel, but you stubbornly won't let me tear up your last line of defense. 

For a long time, you compromised. 

The moment I enter, I say to you in my heart, my dear, so that I can be safe. 

It's 18:00 on the evening of July 02, picking you up from work for the first time. 

It was hard to wait, bored to look at the beautiful women passing by to pass the time. 

When you appeared in front of me, the former beauty had already been left behind. 

You don't know, I didn't pick up my previous girlfriend, you are the first one. 

On the way home, we had an unexpected encounter with the dingo, the hair congealed with the mud and was disgusting. 

I went shopping at 20:30 on the evening of July 03. 

Like all couples, we walk through the streets hand in hand, except that I use up all the jokes to make you squat on the ground and cover your belly and laugh from time to time. 

Just about to say something nasty to you, a beggar came up to me. Yes, I wanted to hit him at that time. 

At 9: 00 a. M. on July 28, you sent me a text message asking me to remember to eat breakfast. 

After reading it and dialing back with a smile, the first man calmly told me that you are his girlfriend for three years. 

Smile like a cool cement, I am the third party? 

The air conditioner was cold and I was sweating. 

It's not a funny joke. 

At 4:17 p.m. on July 28th, your friend told me the whole story. 

For your entanglement, I decided to let you choose. 

Like the two boxers, no matter how to fight to the death, it is up to the referee to decide. 

Late at night on July 28, I couldn't sleep over and over again. I was worried that you would call me at any time. 

There were bursts of a dog barking outside the window, so much so that I wondered if the dog would also bark at spring. 

To wait for your call, but also to find out this problem, so I decided to stay up all night. 

A pack of cigarettes stayed with me until dawn. The problem was not clear, but the phone came. 

At 07:08 in the morning, the phone was ringing. I knew it was you, but I stubbornly waited until you called the second time to answer. 

You said you had made up your mind. I desperately smoked the remaining half of the cigarette and listened to you go on. 

You said I want to be with you forever, you can't cry on the other end before you finish your words, are these tears for me? 

At 07:09 on the morning of July 29th, we were together again. I was grateful for God's blessing. 

Don't worry, I will make you happier. 

At 21:00 on the evening of August 11th, my long-broken ex-girlfriend asked me out. 

In the coffee shop, she asked me how I was doing and if I had a new girlfriend. 

I said yes, I had a very happy life. 

At parting, I told her that I had the idea of getting married now. 

She said that I had changed and that it was not normal for me to go crazy. 

Yes, I am crazy, whether the marriage is a celebration or a dirge. 

At the very least, I will have someone to accompany me. 

In the early morning of August 11, on my way home, I met the wild dog. 

Two, to be exact. 

At that time, he was lying on top of another dog, working hard on the original mating task. 

He stretched out his tongue and exhaled heavily, but it was not clear whether he had enjoyed himself with his eyes closed before I arrived. 

It turned a deaf ear to my threats. 

It was not until the end of the matter that it left. 

At 3:45 p.m. on August 29th, turn over the desk calendar. Your birthday is coming. 

Although you seem to be a little cold to me recently and don't answer the phone much, I decided to give you a nice birthday. 

Book the restaurant and plan the activities for that day. I'm looking forward to it. 

07:10 on the evening of September 04, your birthday. 

Waiting for you at the appointed place with roses and chocolates in your hand. 

Looking at the delicate and beautiful roses, I heard the words of the florist: I wish you happiness. 

For the sake of this sentence, for the first time, I didn't ask him to give me a change. 

07:30 on the evening of September 4th, you haven't arrived yet. 

Thinking that being late is the monopoly of your women, or wondering whether we should wish you a happy birthday or praise you for being so beautiful today. 

At 8: 00 p. M. on September 04, I called you and you didn't answer. Maybe you didn't hear me. 

Chen Xiaodong's "happier than me" came from the phone, and the boy sang well. 

At 08:30 on the evening of Sept. 04, I stood on the street, listening to your singing on the phone, and began to hum. 

After half an hour of intensive training, I think I can sing this song better than Chen Xiaodong. 

At 9: 00 p.m. on September 04, you finally answered the phone. 

I held back my anger and asked where you were. You told me you couldn't come. Someone helped you celebrate your birthday and told me to forget you when I hung up. 

At 09:10 on the evening of September 4th, I was desperate. 

I knew that in the end, I was the one who lost. 

Three months can't defeat you for three years, but love can't beat time.

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