Love is not jealous

/October 2021

Louis, my boyfriend of two years, knelt on one knee, took a velvet heart-shaped box out of his pocket, opened it, and asked me, "will you marry me?" 

Louis looked so lovely, such a tall, sturdy man suddenly became so tender. 

I may never find a better companion than him, so handsome, so considerate, and so easygoing. 

He has long been my best friend, and I know very well that I love him. 

"I do," 

I answered. 

His face immediately showed a look of relief, then a childish smile broke out, and then he gave me a warm kiss and said, "Thank you for making me the happiest man in the world!" 

We set the wedding on August 8 of the following year, and I began to pick out wedding invitations. 

At this moment, however, the memory immediately came back to my mind. 

This is not the first time I have planned a wedding. 

Five years ago, Jonah, my first fiance, died unexpectedly six months before we got married. 

Sadness and yearning haunt me for a long time, and pain paralyzes my heart. 

I know that planning another wedding will bring back all the hidden feelings at the bottom of my heart. 

I don't know if I have fully recovered from that blow. 

I thought I could get rid of the pain of losing Jono because I was so young. 

When Jono died, my family and friends wanted me to date someone else, and I did. 

But how can we get married? 

Months later, I began to wonder if Jono, who is now an angel, would be mad at me because I wanted to marry someone else. 

After all, I promised that I would be his bride and his only one. 

The next morning, I couldn't help praying: Dear God, tell Jonah I knew I said I would be his wife. 

But because you took him away, I fell in love with another handsome man who was very kind to me. 

I was very happy, but I was worried that Jono might be angry with me because I was going to break my oath. 

Ask him to forgive me. 

Tell him I'm sorry, and I want him to give me a hint so that I know he doesn't blame me. 

Just then, a knock at the door woke me from my silent prayer. 

I jumped up and almost thought it was Jono. 

It was Louis who came in. 

"are you ready?" 

He asked. 

"ready for what?" 

I asked in surprise. 

"We are going to have prenuptial counseling today. 

The priest changed it to this morning. Have you forgotten? " 

"Oh, yes!" 

I soon got ready, and we decided to take my car because my car was better than his. 

"are you all right?" 

Louis asked me when he started the engine. 

"Oh, good." 

I nodded absent-mindedly. 

"you really want to marry me, don't you?" 

I turned to face him, knowing clearly that I could not let this man out of my life. 

I wish Louis knew how much I loved him. 

At that moment, I knew for sure that I was willing and ready to break the oath I had made to another person and go on with my life and marry Louis. 


I answered. 

Louis parked his car in the church parking lot, got out of the car, and came to my side to open the door for me. 

"have you seen my wallet?" 

He suddenly began to press his hand on his pocket. 

"maybe I dropped it under the seat." 

Louis returned to the driver's seat, and I went over to help him find it. 

He found his wallet under his seat, but something caught his eye. 

He reached in again, took out a shiny golden object, and asked, "what is this?" 

I couldn't help but hold it up with both hands and put it on my face. 

I lost this gold bracelet engraved with "hug and kiss" six years ago. It was a birthday present from Jono, the day before he told me how much he loved me. 

I have looked for this special bracelet in my car many times and have given up hope of finding it. 

"Wow, it's so beautiful!" 

Louis said in amazement. 

I hesitated for a moment and then told him the origin of the bracelet. 

Louis did not speak but looked with his eyes at the glimmer of light reflected by the sun. 

Then he took my hand and gently put Jono's bracelet on my wrist. 

"now, you can think of it as a gift from both of us." 

A few years ago, I searched the car several times to find the bracelet given to me by my first lover with the words "hug and kiss" engraved on it. 

As I watched it shine on my wrist, I knew Jono heard my prayer and answered me. 

I was immersed in this sacred moment, and this bracelet was a symbol that gathered Jono, Louis, and me in the church. 

Louis took my hand and we began to walk into the church. 

Near the brass doorknob, there is a thin metal plate engraved with the whole Bible passage that "Love can contain everything." 

Louis opened the door for me, and I took one last look at the metal plate. 

As we walked through the arch, my eyes fell on the words behind us: "Love is not jealous."

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