Love is nothing but the silver buttons hidden in the pudding

/September 2021

Five years ago, Anne was still a girl from new york, but she married Rick, a country bumpkin, with a complicated feeling.  

At that time, she was in college, and her dependent father suddenly became terminally ill. If Rick, the son of his father's best friend, had not come to new york from the Florida countryside, she would have paid for the expensive medical expenses with her meager savings and cared for the seriously ill old man until her death.  

Before her father died, she wanted her daughter to marry Rick, and Anne almost subconsciously agreed. But after carefully weighing it in her mind, she found that she was only grateful to Rick, and love was another matter after all.  

Anne is not an extrovert. She hid her true thoughts and married Rick. For an authentic countryman like Rick, marrying Anne, who grew up in a big city, is like marrying a fairy.  

Rick got a job as a salesman in a company. Although he worked very hard, he worked very hard for a good salary and subsidies. You know, this money can pay for the housing loan and Annie's college tuition.  

Anne tasted Rick's hometown pudding for the first time on her honeymoon. When she was eating, she suddenly felt her teeth bruised by something. Spit it out, it's a small silver button. Rick smiled and said, "This is the custom of our hometown. Whoever eats pudding with silver buttons will have good luck." Anne stared at the silver button at a loss for a long time. She didn't believe that gadget could bring any good luck, but she really had a gentle feeling in her heart. 

In the days to come, pudding almost became a necessity in family life. Rick constantly refurbishes pudding designs, mixes various juice flavors, or changes the nuts on the skin into candied fruit. No matter how it changes, Annie can always eat the pudding with silver buttons hidden in it. Anne is not a fool, of course, she wants it all under Rick's design. Sometimes, she would compare and study the puddings on the plate one by one, but she could never see the mystery inside.  

After graduating from college, Anne entered a big company with an international reputation. With her talent and diligence, she was highly valued by her superiors in just three years and was promoted to the position of department head. At this time, Anne had some regular social intercourse and communication, so she naturally had less time to go home and reunite with her husband. 

For Anne, this is a brand-new sky full of temptation. Her eyes and mind are gradually opened, and she begins to have more yearning and even extravagant demands. I can't tell when she got bored with her marriage. Just then, a man named Rogers broke into Anne's sight. He runs a law firm on Fifth Avenue and is also the legal adviser of some well-known enterprises.  

Rogers is handsome, free, and easy-talking, all of which fit the image of "Prince Charming" in Anne's girlhood. Soon, Anne's company hired Rogers to help solve a business dispute, and Anne was the representative appointed by the board of directors. When they first met, they left a good impression on each other. Later, they had more contacts.  

It was a particularly pleasant day until the business was all over. When Rogers sent Annie an invitation for a weekend date, she realized that her affection for each other had another meaning. She hesitated and said insincerely that she planned to go home with her husband. Then she talked about Rick and those delicious hometown puddings. Rogers listened, not only didn't mean to retreat at all but took an aggressive attitude in court. He grabbed Anne's hand and said very spontaneously and confidently: "Give me the opportunity and time, I will do better." The next day, he called Annie and said that he had bought a professional pastry book and hired a professional pastry chef to teach him how to make pudding.  

Anne's heart churned, but she didn't expect a small detail to show Rogers' true feelings for her. Annie thought of divorce, but what should I tell Rick? She tried to pick out Rick's faults from her marriage for several years, but strangely enough, her mind was full of his merits. Rogers asked: "Can't you just tell Rick that you are in love with someone else?" Anne instinctively replied, "No, it will make Rick sad."  

After some delay, the board of directors of the company announced the decision to establish a branch in Europe. When the news reached Rogers's ears, he had a brainwave: If Anne was sent to Europe, wouldn't she ask Rick for divorce on the grounds of long-term separation? Anne's heart was finally persuaded, and she actively won the opportunity to visit Europe in advance, and even argued with Rick several times before her trip. She thought, perhaps this method can make Rick indifferent to her feelings because of anger.  

More than half a month's inspection period passed quickly. When Anne returned to new york, she didn't see Rick greet her for the first time. At that time, her heart was a little lost, but on second thought, she thought it was her own trick that worked-so that he wouldn't let go when she got divorced in the future.  

Annie seemed to get some comfort when Rogers showed up at the airport gate on time. It was Christmas evening, and Rogers took Anne to his residence. The music in the room echoed melodiously, the table was lit with candles, red roses, and wine, and everything was so romantic that Anne was deeply intoxicated. She decided to go home the next day and have a showdown with Rick.  

Rogers brought out a plate of freshly prepared pudding from the kitchen. The small golden pudding smelled of strawberries and was sprinkled with some purple-brown dried ice raisins. Rogers seemed to ignore Anne's astonishment. He poured her wine politely and then accompanied her to eat pudding and said, "A man came to see me these days when you left. He patiently taught me how to make this kind of hometown pudding. Another secret is to embed a pine nut in the pudding with silver buttons. When the flour is heated and expanded, the pine nuts will fall off, but the pudding surface will leave a slightly concave mark, like an imperceptible small water drop. He has been doing this before, hoping to give all his good luck to his wife; Later, when he discovered that his wife empathized with others, he taught this secret to his rival in love, hoping to continue a quiet love. "  

Rogers picked out a pudding from the plate and showed Annie the little mark by candlelight. He broke it with his finger, and Anne was familiar with a silver button that fell on the plate. Although it had already lost its original luster, it still made a crisp and thrilling jingle. Annie finally realized that this silver button is actually love, the love she has been enjoying and the love she has been unaware of.  

The two men were silent for a long time. Rogers drank the wine in the cup. He was a little sad, but he picked up the phone and handed it to Annie decisively: "To be fair, I know that I am better than Rick in many aspects. I can't do better than him only because of my love for you." 

Annie, with mixed feelings and tears, dialed the familiar number. At the moment of connection, she choked to speak, and Rick's gentle voice came from the other end of the phone: "Hey, if everything is over, welcome to come home."  

On Christmas Eve in new york, there are romantic couples everywhere, dazzling fireworks, flowers, kisses, and a wide range of gifts. But in this world, some love is just a silver button hidden in the pudding in my hometown-old-fashioned, but don't ignore it!

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