Love is on the right.

/September 2021

I remember that when I was in love, he and I liked to "run over the road" together. 

In those days, there were few karaoke halls, cafes, and so on, and road rolling was a popular way of falling in love. 

Every day, after dusk, we choose a clean and quiet road and stroll back and forth. 

He used to keep me on the right, away from the traffic on the right, which is the safest place. 

At that time, there was not much traffic, and there were even fewer secluded roads, but he stubbornly let me be on the right. 

"some kids who ride bicycles are very reckless and ride their bikes on a rampage," he said. 

If you have me to protect you, you won't be afraid of anything! " 

I sometimes tease him deliberately, when the two people are engaged in conversation, quietly walk to the left. 

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As soon as I walked over, he subconsciously gave me a hand and pulled me back to the right. 

I was very gratified and secretly believed in my heart that I would marry this man in my life! 

He left me the safest place, which shows that he takes me more seriously than himself. 

After we got married, we lived in a humble house. 

In winter, the house is very cold. 

Although there is heating, the temperature of the heating is very low, but only by clinging to the radiator can I feel warmer. 

When he sleeps, he always puts my quilt on the right. 

When I asked him why, he said, "if the man is left and the woman is right, you should sleep on the right!" 

I know that the right side is next to the heater, which is much warmer than the left side. 

He left me the warmest place and gave me more love. 

After moving to the new house, the bedroom is in the sunrise. 

He left me the window seat on the right, and he knew that I liked the place near the sun best. 

On the morning of getting up late at the weekend, the sun jumped on the quilt, and the warm atmosphere was filled with warmth. 

When I open my eyes, I can meet the sun and make my mood bright. 

When he went to the restaurant, he also used to find me a seat by the window, and then let me on the right, and he took care of me on the left outside. 

Over the years, I am used to enjoying the "best position" he left me. 

Most of the time, this position is on the right. 

Now, I am used to the position on the right, and I am also used to holding his right hand with my left hand. 

Once, when we were walking in a small park, I was still on my right. 

I told him about our love story with emotion and then held his right hand with my left hand. 

I asked, "how does it feel to hold your hand now?" 

He blinked and deliberately teased me with a smile: "I don't feel it. Hold my left hand and hold my right hand." 

If you think about it, I really can't feel it. 

Left hand and right hand, no longer have the original heart, romantic years have become insipid and tacit understanding, love has also become a habit. 

But I know that whenever I reach out my left hand, I can hold the warm right hand. 

My love is on the right, in the best position. 

The most romantic thing, so slowly old, old, he will still leave me the "best place" for love.