Love is rare and precious between each other

/October 2021

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You need to be tolerant and kind, and you need to be in love with each other. 

No emotion in life is as strong as love. 

True love grows from the bottom of my heart and nourishes it; it can make the years plump and happy. 

Love has experienced a silent and joyful heartbeat, a surging heartbeat, and careful care. 

The arrival of the beloved soul, the experience of tenderness, and the feelings of love seduce the feelings between each other. 

Love is like a flame, passionate burning between each other; love is like Yan Li mountain flowers, blooming in the fragrant years between each other. 

Love in each other is a joy, is a yearning for happiness, there is a yearning, a desire. 

If a person does not have the support of love, all that is left is spiritual emptiness and loneliness. 

No matter how painful it is, love is only a part of life. 

In the face of reality, only by straightening out our thinking, forgetting unhappiness, and taking care of our spiritual life, can we continue to enjoy our lives. 

Of course, love is beautiful, but sometimes it doesn't work out. 

Life is originally in the journey, there is a sunny and dark side, will inevitably experience troughs, there is no need to be too anxious. 

If one party has an attempt to leave, it must not be retained, and the person who stays cannot keep his heart. 

When people leave, the tea will be cold, and no matter how warm it is, there will be no fragrance. 

Cherish it when you have it, love needs truth to treat each other. 

People should know how to think. Once a foolish person jumps into the whirlpool of lovelorn, it is difficult to break free. 

Worry and loneliness, melancholy, hard work can not extricate themselves. 

A wise person, reasonable, let nature take its course, will not cling to the beauty of the past. 

Now that she is determined to go, love has lost its luster. 

Then there is no need to remember her brilliance again. 

The emotion is really beautiful. 

Sometimes opportunities happen to favor love. 

Who can walk side by side with you in the passing crowd; who cares to get on board with you and sail to the other side of love. 

In the world of mortals, only wishful thinking and congenial agreement can be regarded as love at first sight. 

In this world, there is a kind of love called fate. 

Meet in conversation and laughter, happen inadvertently. 

When love meets at several corners, it is better to choose the first love in the end. 

It is not to say that occasionally, nor coincidentally, they are formed naturally in the blink of an eye. 

It is a kind of invisible entanglement of power, and there are opportunities and possibilities to meet each other in chance encounters. 

Trees grow by absorption of nutrients and blossom and bear fruit. 

People also need to absorb nutrients and thrive. 

Especially in the delicate moment between love, it has to be as brilliant as spring flowers, nourishing and nurturing into splendor and appreciation. 

People rely on clothes and horses rely on the saddle, the connotation of a person is shown in the taste, neatness and generosity is the respect for each other. 

Love at the beginning of the years, a flower, who is not picking, who is not offering. 

It can also be said that whoever picks it first and wears it first. 

However, love still has its many elements and emotional interpretation. 

When people are mature, they will naturally seek to fall in love. 

Love will bring happiness and happiness to lovers. 

Love has nothing to do with age; it has a common language, similar feelings, similar experiences, frank and natural communication, and unaffected performance. 

Only with in-depth understanding can there be the cause of love. 

Love uses true feelings to realize the process of communicating with each other. 

Love is yearning and the foundation of marriage. 

Freedom of love, autonomy of marriage. 

From ancient times to the present, it is often a kind of decoration in front of the secular world. 

A perfect match, the concept of a family. 

There will be tragic love stories: "Cowherd and Weaver Girl", "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai", "Romeo and Juliet" and so on. 

It comprehensively reproduces the state of feudal secular and eschatological human nature, and reveals all kinds of tragedies and irreconcilable social contradictions between weakness and strength. 

The behavior of love is gentle and slow, not eager for success. 

Love is the cause and effect of the feelings of both parties, and a person's behavior is not called love. 

Love is targeted, make no mistake, there is only friendship to you, that is not love. 

It's a painful thing for a person to maintain infatuation. 

Love without material is sad, he can not guarantee the continuity of love. 

True love, whether rich or poor, far or near. 

All kinds of feelings, all kinds of nostalgia. 

In the world of mortals, the heart is long. 

The appointment comes thousands of miles away, only because of feelings; the road goes away day and night, only because of nostalgia.