Love keeps the power off

/September 2021

Their home is in a community on the edge of the city. 

She works as a nurse in the city hospital, and his unit is hundreds of miles from home. 

They are a weekend couple who get together less and leave more. 

Sometimes, he is so busy on weekends that he can only go home for one night, and she happens to be on the night shift. They are like the sun and the moon, and they can hardly see each other. 

Even so, she felt particularly happy in the first few years of marriage. 

Time flies and marriage has been going on for ten years. 

The taste of happiness faded, although the days were, as usual, although they did not quarrel, she had a premonition of love and power outage.  

She hit a low ebb again. 

When she went home alone with the setting sun on her back and saw the young couple in pairs, she quickened her pace and ran home like a deserter. 

Once upon a time, when he was away, the home was warm, his clothes, the small gifts he brought back. 

Everything at home carries his love and reflects the warmth of his sunny smile. 

But that day, she felt empty and lonely at home and didn't even bother to eat. It was eight o'clock, and she was still sitting on the sofa, constantly changing the channel with the TV remote control. 

The house was suddenly plunged into darkness, all the appliances stopped, and she could only hear her tiny breath. 

She moved slowly to the window, and the house upstairs opposite was brightly lit. 

She went to the balcony again, the window of the same building was also bright, and she was the only one who lost power. 

This has never happened before. 

Is the magnetic card dead? 

She has never bought it, and he always buys it in advance. If the electricity is really insufficient, where can I buy it so late? 

She went into the hallway to look at the magnetic card meter and did not turn on the red light. 

It was only then that she remembered that he bought electricity only when he came home last weekend. 

What the hell! 

Inexplicably followed by a wave of resentment and annoyance. 

When a woman is at home, it's not convenient to ask for help-friends live far away, neighbors are not familiar with it, not to mention it's so late. 

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She stumbled to the study and touched the flashlight from the desk drawer. 

The light of the flashlight shone into the drawer, and the two candles lay quietly in a conspicuous place, next to the lighter. 

He prepared the candle when he first got married, but he never had a chance to use it. 

As she took out the candle, the red box in the drawer touched her heart. 

She lit the candle and gently opened the box. 

Inside were noting, on which he was familiar with the handwriting, each with a date, casually stacked together from the bottom to the top. 

After marriage, when he leaves home, if she is not there, he will always leave a note to say goodbye to her and remind her of something. 

In the beginning, she felt fresh, always looked at it carefully, and was often moved. 

Later, she didn't care if she saw more. Anyway, the mobile network is very convenient. 

But he was used to it and still insisted on leaving a note for her and putting it on the writing desk. 

With the computer, she seldom sat at the desk again, so sometimes she couldn't find his note in time, and only put it in the drawer when she was tidying up the house, without even looking at it. 

She was surprised that it had been filled with a full box. 

What does it say? 

Why can't you remember? 

He picked up the top note and looked at it by candlelight: "Honey, just bought 500 yuan of electricity, the card has been plugged in, rest assured." 

The neighbor's fuse broke downstairs, so I helped to fix it. 

If there is something wrong with our fuse, go to the brother at the right door. He works as an electrician in the factory and is a warm-hearted man. " 

Having lived at the opposite door for such a long time, I only know that my brother works in the factory, but I don't know that he is an electrician. 

He knows better when he is not often at home. 

She put down the notes for a while and knocked timidly on the opposite door. 

The brother in the opposite door asked why and enthusiastically took the tools to help. 

It was really a broken fuse, and in only three minutes, the light in her house went on. 

She thanked her and giggled at the door: "your eldest brother thanked you in advance." 

He inevitably needs my help when he is not at home. " 

That night, she went back to her desk, turned on the lamp, and looked at the note in the box. 

She likes to eat snacks and drink yogurt, so he bought it before he left and told her where to put it. When she caught a cold, he told her to take medicine on time and pay attention to rest. When a family member in the community was stolen, he reminded her to lock the doors and windows and comfort her not to be afraid. He said he would turn it on for her 24 hours a day. 

Her eyes moistened as she turned over. 

It turned out that these seemingly random notes, one by one, condensed so much of his reluctance and concern. 

Although he is away from home, love stays at home all the time. 

She still thinks that marriage life is becoming dull and love is hopelessly cut off, but it turns out that these notes are all fuses for love. 

As long as the line is fine, as long as there is enough power, occasionally break the fuse, connect it effortlessly. 

A gentle word, a caring look, a subtle movement, an inconspicuous object, can become a fuse for love. 

Just be careful not to lose it easily.