Love letters are tattoos of love-1

/October 2021

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When I heard about my first girlfriend from a friend, I went on a whim to check her Weibo and found that Ching Ming Festival had an update:
I dug up the love letter from high school and cried after reading it. No matter how it ends, I think he liked me in high school. Finally made up his mind to burn it and pay tribute to the best first love and dead love. From then on, I devoted myself to being someone else's wife.
The picture shows a pile of burned stationery.
I stared at the computer for a long time, and green memories gushed out like a spring.
I have written three love letters, she is the first person to receive my love letters, and the love letters I wrote to her are also the fiercest and simplest. She is my classmate, but we never have much in common. Her grades often rank first in the school, lofty and proud, while I muddle along and be unhappy.
I don't know how I fell in love with her, maybe it was just because of an occasional chat, maybe it was just because of the delicious plum candy she handed me. I once read a sentence: "what's it like to like someone?" My most primitive feeling is that I don't deserve her.
Later, I wrote a love letter crazily, once a month, secretly stuffed into the mailbox of our class. 

I searched all over the world for love poems written by famous Chinese and foreign experts, Neruda's, Byron's, and Wang Xiaobo's. Every time I write or send a letter, I feel that it is especially good to like someone. In this way, it lasted the whole third year of high school.
Every Saturday night, under the lamp, I would carefully write the love letter on carefully selected stationery, word by word, and then secretly think about the look on her face after receiving the letter.
To me in the beginning, love was more like a sacred ritual. I thought it was a secret. The day after the college entrance examination, I received a phone call, "Hello" for a long time, no voice was about to hang up.

The other party said, "I always knew it was you."
I was surprised: "is it you?"
"Which school are you going to?"
I said, "the local × big."
There was a moment of silence and said, "Thank you for your letter." You are very good, and I am not as good as you think, and I have already signed up for a non-local university. "

I smiled and said, "good, you are already very good."
"so." There seems to be a pause over there.
"I know. I didn't think muc
h." I said.
"Still, thank you." She hung up after she said that.
When you like someone, you are already lovelorn. No confession, no hand in hand, no hug. None at all, but I feel like I've been in love for a long time as if I've been in love with someone who doesn't have much overlap since I was born.