Love multiple choice questions

/October 2021

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She first fell in love when she was 20 years old. 

The handsome, free and easy boy loves to laugh, play basketball, sing Dick cowboy songs, and walk with her in the thick snow on winter nights. 

Passionate and romantic youth, like a full and tender bud, happiness is about to come out. 

She likes his face with crystal beads of sweat, his posture on the playground, and his unruly singing. 

She wrote to him, very lingering sentences, such as blossoming shy flowers, blooming on the light powder with lemon-scented letterhead. 

When she didn't go home at the weekend, she went to his dormitory and rolled up the sheets and clothes together, like a hardworking snail girl, who would be washed and dried and then put back to his bedside. 

He occasionally took her to the snack bar on the street for a tooth sacrifice and ordered a plate of Sautéed Shredded Pork with Green Pepper. She picked and picked out all the shredded meat into his bowl. 

So in love, I thought it was the Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) for a lifetime. 

Unexpectedly, the flowers of love are easy to bloom and easy to thank, and at the same time of graduation, the end of the breakup inevitably falls on their heads. 

After her work, she has been diligent, calm, and introverted, and she gets along well with her colleagues. 

It's hard for such a beautiful and capable woman not to be noticed by her boss. 

The elegant and handsome man could see the mistakes that had been carefully modified by her and could infer her joys and sorrows from the cup of coffee she sent. 

When she worked late, he sat in the car, silently watching the lights in her office until she went downstairs and got into a taxi safely. 

There is a cocktail party in the company, and he always takes care of her beforehand and forbids others to drink her. 

A clever woman like her naturally has a panoramic view of everything. 

It is not that you are not in love, it is just that you have a wife, and no matter how passionate your feelings are, you can only hold them down. 

Knowing each other, she still smiles every day, only he can see the sadness behind her smile; he is as calm as yesterday, and only she can see his inner helplessness and repressed love for her efforts. 

This kind of love is tired after all. 

Two years later, she suddenly handed in her resignation. 

He did not ask to stay, and his resignation was left on his desk for three days, but he finally approved it. 

It was just the last hug at the farewell, and both of them burst into tears. 

In this way, I stumbled on the road of love until I met him. 

The two were introduced by the sister of a classmate. 

She was 28 years old at that time. 

He is two years older than her, not handsome, very gentle. 

His first date was in the Red House Western Restaurant. He wore a stiff suit and a neat tie, but he looked squeamish and nervous. 

He said honestly, "I never wear a suit. I'm not used to it." 

He did not say any more, but she understood that he was wearing a suit to show his seriousness and respect. 

That day, at her first boyfriend's wedding reception, she was a little drunk. 

He sent her back, and she nagged him about her past love all the way, and finally, she cried and said, fate is like a grumpy old man, you want roses, he gives you lilies, and when you want lilies, he gives you magnolia-- he never gives you a chance to choose. 

He listened attentively, and her face was stained with tears in the shadow of the lamp. 

He gently wiped away her tears with his hand and said gently, do you remember when we used to do multiple-choice questions at school? 

The last choice is often "none of the above answers are correct". 

Fate is not about not giving you a chance to choose, but leaving the answer you should choose at the end. 

You see, I'm the last one. 

She couldn't help laughing at his strange theory. 

Three months later, she married the man. 

Later, she thought carefully that love is really like a multiple-choice question, some answers you think are right, but the results are not; some answers you know are wrong, so far away; you have to choose, in fact, the last answer.