Love on campus

/November 2021

When Zhang Mu was a sophomore, his school held a campus host contest, and Zhang Mu also watched the game as a spectator. 

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There were more than a dozen male and female contestants participating in the competition, and one of the freshman female contestants was gentle and eloquent, which left a deep impression on Zhang Mu. 

When the host of the competition introduced the contestant, Zhang Mu knew that her name was Zhou Yingying. 

Zhang Mu secretly fell in love with Zhou Yingying and was determined to chase it. 

Zhang Mu observed Zhou Yingying's seat after stepping down, and after the competition, she hurriedly came to Zhou Yingying and asked, "Which class are you in?" 

May I have your number, please? " 

Zhou Yingying said, "I can tell you which class I am in. I am in Class 07051, but I can't tell you by phone." 

Although Zhang Mu didn't know Zhou Yingying's phone number, she finally knew which class she was in, so she was very happy. 

After that, Zhang Mu often went around Class 07051 without class. 

Once, he saw that all the students in his class went to the stadium to have PE class, and he also came to the stadium. 

It's time for the students to move freely. 

When he saw several classmates playing basketball, he asked to join him, and the students agreed. 

When the students saw that Zhang Mu was very good at playing basketball, they proposed to make friends with Zhang Mu so that they could often come out to play together. 

Later, the students often invited Zhang Mu to play basketball, and after a few times, Zhang Mu got acquainted with them. 

Once, Zhang Mu asked the students, "is there a Zhou Yingying in your class?" 

One of the students named Xiao Qian said, "Yes, she has a very good relationship with my girlfriend." 

Why do you ask? " 

Zhang Mu said: "nothing." 

Xiao Qian said, "if you have anything to say, you might as well say it." 

Zhang Mu and Xiao Qian retired temporarily and came to the edge of the basketball court to have a rest while talking. 

Zhang Mu said, "I want to know her." 

Xiao Qian said, "that's easy. Another day my girlfriend Xiaobai and I have an appointment with you and Zhou Yingying. The four of us will have dinner together, won't you know each other?" 

Zhang Mu said, "that's great!" 

Thank you so much! " 

Xiao Qian said, "they are all good friends, thank you, but I can tell you in advance that there are a lot of boys chasing her." 

Another day, Xiao Qian and Xiao Ginkgo invited Zhang Mu and Zhou Yingying to dinner. 

At the dinner table, Xiao Qian and Xiao Bai first introduced Zhang Mu and Zhou Yingying to know each other, and then the four of them chatted happily. 

From then on, Zhang Mu invited Zhou Yingying to dinner from time to time. Zhou Yingying first pushed and procrastinated, but agreed. 

Later, Zhang Mu also sent Zhou Yingying flowers, Zhou Yingying gladly accepted, she not only accepted the flowers, but she also gradually fell in love with Zhang Mu. 

At this time, many boys who had intended to pursue Zhou Yingying saw that Zhou Yingying and Zhang Mu were in love, so they retreated consciously. 

Later, Zhang Mu graduated from the university and found a job in the city where the university is located. 

A year later, Zhou Yingying also graduated from university and found a job in this city. 

Later, the two got married, had children, and lived happily together.