Love Rose 50 Years Late (Part 1)

/September 2021

Priest and Maya were born in Wilmington, Ohio, and they are neighbors. A priest is two years older than Maya, and they were inseparable since childhood. At school, if Maya is bullied. The priest stood up and fought against a bunch of bad guys, often getting black and blue all over. In Little Maya's heart, Priest is her "protector"!  

Crave for proper mother-of-the-bride dresses for an outdoor wedding and add the perfect balance to your figure? Our collections will meet all your needs. With time, Maya became beautiful and generous, and handsome Priest became the object of female students' pursuit. I don't know when they went to school hand in hand, as they did when they were young. Maya didn't tell Priest what she thought. She had her secret. Girl Maya has already fallen in love with Priest, but does he love himself or not? Maya wasn't sure. Two schoolgirls in the school have a special liking for Priest. One often invites him to dance and the other often asks him to go out for an outing. Will Priest choose himself? The lively and cheerful Maya became sad.   The Maya changes, Priest see in the eye. Actually. At first, he thought he only regarded Maya as his sister, so he often went on dates with other girls. However, after some time, he was not happy, especially when he saw Maya's melancholy appearance, he was even sadder. He found that he had fallen in love with Maya before he knew it. There was no room for other girls in his heart, and he was determined to show his heart to Maya.   On the evening of October 20th, 1954, at the edge of the woods where she used to play as a child, Maya sat on the ground in a melancholy mood, grabbing the grass and staring at the sunset. The priest came gently and took Maya's hand and said, "Maya, I love you, be my girlfriend!" Looking at Priest's affectionate eyes. Maya no longer doubts, happy to jump into his arms.   "Priest, let's leave a memorial here!" Maya suggested. "Good!" The priest immediately agreed. They found the biggest tree in the forest. Priest carved "Priest will always love Maya" on the tree, and Maya carved "Maya will always love Apriste".   The Lost Rose of Love   After graduating from high school, Priest chose to work as a sailor in Benton Port for three years. Maya went to a vocational and technical school in Wilmington. Before leaving. The priest took Maya to the forest with love vows engraved on them. Solemnly put a string of crystal necklaces around her neck. This string of crystal necklaces is made up of 99 heart-shaped crystals in series, which are crystal clear and flawless. Priest reluctantly said to Maya, "I love you."   Distance can't stop a passionate relationship at all. They often write letters. The priest tells about sailors' life, while Maya tells about interesting things in school. They tell their thoughts with flying letterheads.   In 1957, after a long voyage, Priest could return to Ohio and stay with her beloved Maya. Before sailing, Priest decided to formally propose to Maya. But they are far apart, how can they express their deep love? The priest thought that the red rose symbolized unswerving love, and Maya liked it very much. He decided to send Maya a marriage proposal letter with red roses in it. He wrote in the letter:   Dear Maya:   Please accept my deep love, which is as fragrant as a rose and always blooms in my heart. Please promise-marry me! If you accept my request, please write back and tell me.   March 4, 1957   Priest   We will leave in two days. The priest was very excited in his heart. Did you tell Maya in advance who wrote the letter? The priest ran several blocks and dialed the telephone in a small telephone office: "Dear Maya, I'm going on a long voyage. I sent you a rose, and I want to have you forever. Do you know what I mean? " Maya was so excited that she thought it must be Priest who proposed to her.   Maya guessed what Priest would say in the letter and went to the mailbox to check the letters every day. However, a week passed and a month passed, and there was no letter from Priest. Unwilling Maya even went to the post office to ask and found nothing. Maya's inner enthusiasm gradually cooled down, and she felt like a fool being played. She was sad and angry.   Maya locked herself in the house and was heartbroken. Albert, who has been pursuing Maya, takes care of her patiently, hoping that she will get rid of her sadness as soon as possible. However, every tree and grass around us evokes Maya's memories. She can't get rid of the shadow left by Priest. Albert did not flinch. He said to Maya seriously: "Please, believe me, I will not hurt you like Priest, I will make you happy."   The whole summer of 1957 passed. Maya looked forward to the miracle that did not appear, Priest did not suddenly appear in front of her, even with no news about him. In October, Maya finally accepted Albert's proposal. Albert dotes on Maya, but living in Ohio, Maya will inevitably think of Priest, and she thinks it is unfair to Albert. At Maya's suggestion. Albert managed to find a job in Florida and moved his family away at the end of the year.   Proposal letter 50 years ago