Love Rose 50 Years Late (Part 2)

/September 2021

Proposal letter 50 years ago   Under Albert's meticulous love, Maya lived happily. They gave birth to two daughters and a son, and the whole family was happy. Until Albert died of illness in 2004.   At the end of 2006, Maya suddenly saw the crystal necklace that Priest had given her while cleaning her room. Remembering the days when they loved each other decades ago. In fact, for many years, she has been trying to find out the reason why Priest cheated her, but she couldn't find it. She had hoped that one day she would suddenly meet Priest and question him face to face, but after several decades, she never heard from him. However, she never forgot the day when Priest called her: March 4th, 1957.   Daughter Anna has long heard the story of her mother and Priest and has seen their first love photos. Seeing her mother staring at the crystal necklace every day, she knew that her mother always had an unsolved knot in her heart. To help her mother settle her worries, Anna took advantage of her vacation and went to Benton Port. She went to the local post office to check to see if Priest sent a letter 50 years ago.   At the port post office, Anna was guided to meet the postmaster 50 years ago. He is 87 years old. He knows Priest. At that time, Priest often sent letters to the post office. As to whether a letter was sent on March 4, 1957, the old director can no longer remember it, nor can he check it correctly. They keep a record of all the receipts, but there is no record of the emails sent.   Anna thought to herself: If the Wilmington Post Office in Ohio also kept the receiving files, it could be confirmed from there-whether Priest had sent a letter there in those days, maybe not at all. Maybe it was lost by the delivery man.   Anna came to Wilmington, her mother's hometown. When the postmaster heard that she was looking for letters 50 years ago, she said happily, "Two years ago, we just cleaned up all the mail records received after 1950. You can check them." In the computer room of the post office, Anna finally found the record of the letter sent by Priest on March 4, 1957, and addressed to "Miss Maya". Anna told her mother's story to Mr. Michel, the postmaster. He was very touched after listening to it. He told Anna that if Priest's letter was lost because of their work mistakes decades ago, she would try to find out the reason and give Ms. Maya a reasonable explanation.   Hard work pays off. A month later, Michelle called Anna: "Found it, found it!" Anna hurried to Wilmington. In Michelle's office, she saw a letter that said, "Miss Maya will accept it". The color of the envelope is yellow, but the postmark is still clearly visible, which is March 4th, 1957. There is a letter rejection notice on the envelope, and the reason column says "unknown address".   Originally, after the letter posted by Priest arrived at the post office in the district, the postman in charge was ill at that time. As the courier was unfamiliar with the road section, he treated the letter as an "unknown address" and put it on the top shelf of the post office warehouse. Unexpectedly, this release is half a century.   When Maya opened the envelope with trembling hands, the rose petals had dried up, but it seemed to smell a trace of fragrance. After reading the content of the letter and the date of the payment, she finally knew that Priest did not lie to her 50 years ago. She shed tears excitedly and murmured in her mouth: "It is it, it is it!"   the First lover, where are you   Maya's heart was very uneasy. She misunderstood Priest on impulse and then left without saying goodbye, which broke Priest's heart. Things change. I wonder where Priest is now. Anna understood her mother's feelings very well, and she began to look for Priest everywhere.   According to her mother's description, she came to Priest's old home, but the area has been demolished, and no one knows his news. A few months passed, and Anna was disappointed. Could Priest have passed away? Maya denied her daughter's idea. She said, "No, I can feel the existence of Priest. He is still alive and waiting for me."   Anna thought about it, and suggested that her mother goes to the local TV station to do a program called "Finding the First Lover". Maya disagreed: "If Priest has a family now, don't I hurt him again?"   Another month has passed, and there is still no result. Maya is worried every day. June 20, 2008. As soon as she got up in the morning, Maya began to wash and dress carefully and put on the crystal necklace that Priest gave her. Anna hasn't seen her mother dress up like this since her father died. She thought that her mother must have some plans. Sure enough. Dressed Maya told Anna that she wanted to go to Wilmington in person.   Although Wilmington has changed a lot in recent decades, Maya still feels it is so kind and familiar. As soon as she got out of the station, she went straight to the countryside. Fortunately, the forest that left her first love footprint with Priest still exists. Maya soon found the oath they carved on the tree more than 50 years ago, but the handwriting has become very blurred.   As the past is in sight, Maya burst into tears, and she couldn't help crying with the big tree. "Priest, where are you?" She shouted in her heart over and over again. Anna patted her mother's shoulder and comforted her gently.   Suddenly, Anna cried, "Mom, look, what is that!" Just around them, many tree stems are deeply and shallowly engraved with: "Maya. I love you ... My phone number is ... "Maya, I love you ... My current address is ... "Maya, today is the 37th anniversary of our breakup. Where are you? My e-mail is ... "Maya looked at it tree by tree, and then cried with her trunk in her arms. In this forest, more than 60 trees are engraved with handwriting. It seems that Priest has never forgotten Maya for so many years. He is waiting for his lover in the most primitive and romantic way.   Finally, Maya found the tree with the closest engraving time: March 4th, 2007, with the address and telephone number below. Maya and Anna immediately found Priest, two lovers who separated 50 years ago and finally got together again 50 years later.   In that year, Priest had an accident on the last voyage, and the freighter was damaged by a severe storm in South Africa. As a result, the ship was repaired and returned after more than four months. In the spring of 1957, as soon as Priest came back, he went to look for Maya's reply, but there was no reply. By the time he returned to his hometown in Ohio, the Maya family had already gone empty.   The priest was very sad. During the long voyage, he thought about Maya all the time. But how could she leave without saying goodbye? Did she change her mind, refuse his proposal, and flee? The priest thinks desperately that many things have happened in recent years, and Maya has stopped loving him.   However, Priest never gave up looking for Maya. Over the years, he hasn't been married. To survive, he has moved to many places, but every year, he must go to the place where he and Maya have vowed to have a look. He hopes to meet the lovers who miss day and night here. He never thought that the sacred letter of marriage proposal had not been sent to Maya.   Maya took out the letter and handed it to Priest. Looking at the already yellow stationery, Priest was full of tears. He said, "Maya, I solemnly ask you to marry me now, okay?" Maya excitedly threw herself into the arms of Priest, and two people hugged each other tightly.   On January 16th, 2009, the wedding of Priest and Maya was held in Seattle Cathedral. Time and space have been misplaced for half a century, and a pair of lovers will eventually get married.

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