Love stays at home all the time

/September 2021

She had a bad day at work and went home alone after work. 

On the way, she was very upset when she saw the young couple in pairs. 

He was too busy to come home at the weekend, and now she wanted him to be by her side. 

In the evening, she watched TV alone. Suddenly, the house was dark. 

When she went to the window, the house next door was still brightly lit, and her home was the only one with power cut off. 

Has the electricity in the purchase magnetic card been used up? 

She has never bought electricity before, and he always buys it in advance. 

If the electricity runs out, where can I buy it so late? 

She went into the hallway to look at the magnetic card watch and didn't turn on the red light. Hell, she was a little annoyed. 

It's inconvenient for a woman to ask for help when she is at home, not to mention it's so late.

She touched the study and found the flashlight in the desk drawer. 

The light of the flashlight lit up the drawer, and the two candles lay quietly in a conspicuous place, next to the lighter. 

He prepared the candle when he first got married and never had a chance to use it. 

As she took out the candle, the red box in the drawer touched her heart. She lit the candle and gently opened the box. 

Inside are noting, each with a date, put together in order of date. 

After marriage, when he leaves home, he always leaves a note to remind her of something. 

At first, she felt fresh and was often moved. 

Later, when she saw more, she didn't care. Anyway, communication was very convenient. 

He still insisted on leaving a note, but she hadn't read it for a long time. 

She picked up the top note and looked at it by candlelight: "Honey, just bought 500 yuan of electricity, the card has been plugged in, rest assured." 

The neighbor's fuse broke downstairs and I helped fix it. 

If there is something wrong with our fuse, go to the brother at the right door. He works as an electrician in the factory and is a warm-hearted man. " 

She had been a neighbor to the other door for so long that she didn't know she was an electrician. 

She put down the note and knocked timidly on the opposite door. 

The man at the opposite door asked why and enthusiastically brought the tools. 

A few minutes later, the light in her house came on. 

That night, she went back to her desk and looked at the note in the box. 

She likes to eat snacks and drink yogurt. He bought it before he left and told her where to put it. When she caught a cold, he told her to take medicine on time and pay attention to rest. When some families in the community were stolen, he reminded her to lock the doors and windows and comfort her not to be afraid. He will turn it on for her 24 hours a day. 

Turning over, her eyes moistened. 

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These seemingly random notes, month after month and year after year, condensed so many of his concerns that although he was away from home and loved, he stayed at home all the time.