Love that is not afraid to be washed by the years

/September 2021

April, a 28-year-old British girl, did not expect that a small act of kindness could lead to a unique love legend. 

After graduating from university, April applied to the British BBC Broadcasting Corporation as a choreographer and director of a service program for the elderly. 

One day in late March 2016, April was on a business trip to Staffordshire. At the door of a supermarket, he saw a white-haired old lady carrying a large bag of goods. The action was very difficult, so he drove the car over and helped the old man into the car to take him home. 

The old lady was very grateful and invited her to come in for coffee. 

"my husband died a long time ago and my children and grandchildren are in London." 

The old lady said while making coffee, "Oh, by the way, girl, what did you say you were doing in Staffordshire?" 

"Well, Grandma, we are doing a program to help old people realize their wishes." 

April said seriously, "I'm here to ask the elderly services here for help." 

"well, it should be a good show." 

The old lady smiled and said, "can I tell you what I want?" 

"of course, we will help you achieve it." 

April said happily. 

She thought the old man was just amusing, but unexpectedly, the old lady really had a wish. 

The old man said that she could not let go of a young soldier, her first love when she was young. At that time, they were already talking about marriage, only to lose contact with each other during World War II. 

After six years of waiting, she married a postman, had children and grandchildren, and went through nearly sixty years in peace. 

However, after her husband died, she found that the young and handsome soldier had been treasured at the bottom of her heart. 

Finally, the old lady said affectionately, "I wonder if he is still alive and how is he doing?" 

After listening to the old lady's story, April asked hurriedly, "do you know a woman named Nora Sterling?" 

The old lady opened her eyes wide and said, "that's my name!" 

"do you know Roy Blaine?" 

April pursued. 

"Oh, my God, girl, you don't say you know where Roy Blaine is, do you?" 

The old lady said excitedly, "the young soldier's name is Roy Blaine." 

"Wow, that's amazing!" 

April cried excitedly, hugged the old lady, and said, "your wish will come true soon!" 

It turns out that before Valentine's Day in 2015, April planned a public welfare program, "finding lost memories for the elderly", inviting a group of old people into the studio to tell their stories and recall the lost years. 

Among them, there is an old man named Roy Blaine who passionately tells his love story: in 1940, 14-year-old Roy went to study in Staffordshire and fell in love with Nora, a beautiful girl in the same class. Four years later, the two got engaged. 

Later, Roy was drafted into the army and went to the battlefield in continental Europe. Roy was injured and returned home in 1945 but lost contact with his fiancee, Nora. 

Ten years later, Roy, who recovered from the pain, started a family and spent nearly 50 years of peace with his wife. 

After his wife died, Roy found that the first love hidden in his heart was still alive. 

After listening to Roy's story, April and her team have been helping Roy find Nora, but to no avail. 

As the saying goes: there is no place to look for iron shoes, it takes no effort to get them. 

April did not expect that a miracle would happen unwittingly. 

What surprised her, even more, was that Roy and Nora had always lived in the same city, only two miles apart, and they took the same road every day, going to the same store, going to the same restaurant, or even seeing the same doctor. but they haven't met in 72 years. 

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With their help, Roy and Nora met at the same school, and Nora, 90, gladly accepted Roy's proposal again. April quickly called the show. 

Looking at the happy old man, April was very pleased. 

She thought: for the two old people, if either party forgets the love of that year, then this strange fate will no longer exist. 

Close to the horizon, not seen in 72 years, maybe God is testing the firmness of this love.