Love, there is no need to make a noise

/September 2021

Due to family difficulties and excellent academic performance, my wife's fifth younger sister was helped one-on-one when she went to school. 

Throughout junior high school and high school, her tuition came from that helper. 

Every time the fifth sister finished the exam, she would write to that person to tell her how happy she was. 

That person will soon send a letter of encouragement, along with some books or other school supplies as a reward. 

When she was admitted to the university, the fifth sister said that she wanted to see him and thanked him face to face for his help over the years. 

The man refused, he said, no thanks, as long as the fifth sister studies hard, one day if she can help those in need. 

The fifth sister became a teacher after graduating from university, wrote to him, and still stubbornly hoped to see him. 

He replied a letter a long time later, telling the fifth sister that he had retired and that the people in the mailroom transferred this letter to him through several talents. He said, "it's good to know how to be grateful, but don't put a heavy burden on yourself. To help others, that person himself is happy. I am very proud to have helped a person when I have the ability. 

So, you don't have to worry too much about this little help, use the money that bought me gifts and go on to help others. " 

From the beginning to the end, the fifth sister had never seen this kind-hearted man, and he relieved her of the pressure again and again and asked her to travel light. 

Many years have passed, although the kind-hearted man is no longer in touch with the fifth sister, his influence on the fifth sister is life-long. 

As a teacher, the fifth sister loves her students as much as her son. 

When it was cold, she reminded her classmates to put on more clothes; when it was hot, she asked the students to drink more water. 

Before the class is over, warn the safety of going up and down the stairs; after class, ask the students to listen carefully so that no one is left behind. 

Although the children are already in the sixth grade, when cleaning, she still tells them that the dust is polluted and that they should act gently. 

A child climbed onto the windowsill to clean the glass. she was anxious and blurted out, "Baby, be careful!" 

When I got off work, Lao Zhang from the mailroom stopped me and handed me a letter. 

It is very strange to write a letter these days. I see it says "transfer Li Shuangyu to receive". Call the fifth sister and ask her if she has a unit. Why bother to ask me to transfer it? 

She said that she helped the children in two mountain villages, which were so remote that they could not even get through to the phone. When the parents of one of the children wrote that they wanted to see her, she lied that she had gone out to study, and to make this white lie more perfect, she changed the address of the letter to me. 

The writer Made said: "A gust of wind, brushing through the ears of a sweaty person, will it stop and wait for that person's gratitude?" 

The giving of true love, like the gentle wind blowing in this world, does not stop because of whether the beneficiary greets it or not. 

Love, there is no need to make a noise. " 

That's a good thing to say! 

Love does not need to be noisy, more love in the world, is silent.

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