Love to the extreme is insipid

/September 2021

She and he are college classmates, and their three-year romantic relationship makes their college life colorful. 

After graduation, although the two were assigned to work in different cities, they got married without hesitation. 

During the days when they were not together, the two men passed letters to Hong Yan, the feelings of yearning were rampant in the air, and the feelings never cooled down. 

On holidays, limited wages are mostly spent on round-trip fares. 

At that time, their wish was to transfer together and put an end to this tormented time of missing. 

After two years of a long-distance separation, the two were transferred together, and soon a lovely child was born. 

In the eyes of others, this is a happy family of three. 

But she felt that the days were getting duller and duller. 

Day after day, year after year, her complaints and grievances increased, and she felt that marriage was so boring and helpless. 

The family of three together every day did not make her feel happy but made her feel inexplicably irritable. 

Her heart is like a winged bird, never settling down. 

In fact, in the eyes of others, he is a good husband who is hard to find with lanterns, strong working ability, good popularity, certain social relations, and all housework at home. 

She also felt that she could not tell her what he wanted, but she always felt that he had not given her what she wanted, and she could never give it to her. 

What does she want? 




She doesn't know. 

Perhaps unwilling to be insipid, what she wants is exactly what he, who is calm, uninteresting, and unromantic, can not give her. 

She wants a divorce, hoping to find the feeling she wants and leave this boring, stagnant way of life. 

But in the face of her diligent and hard-working husband, she could not open her mouth. 

At last, she felt that she could not stand it any longer. 

At the end of the day, she decided to have a showdown with him when she went back. No matter how he reacted, she would never look back. 

However, on her way from work, she was hit by an illegal motor vehicle and crushed her calf. 

The husband had to take care of the child and take care of her. for more than three months, he didn't get a good night's sleep. when he was sleepy, he crouched at her bedside and took a nap. 

She had no appetite when she stayed in the hospital bed all day, so he tried his best to cook for her. 

After the porridge was cooked, he tasted the temperature to make sure it wouldn't burn her, and then fed her spoonful by spoonful. 

When she drank heartily, he smiled relieved as if he had accomplished some great mission. 

Looking at his haggard face and the way he took good care of her, she suddenly realized that no one in the world would ever be so careful of her again. 

Many of people's troubles come from themselves. 

Life is originally very insipid, and the process of life is also dull. 

The change of life is like the fallen leaves on a tree, green and dim, and finally turned into soil. 

Just like when we came to this world nakedly, we still returned nakedly several years later. 

There are indeed too many temptations in life, and it is also true, false, and illusory, which makes it difficult to choose. 

Just as the earth is made up of fine dust, it is ordinary and trivial that constitute the eternity of life. 

Feiyang is just a glance and a flash in the pan. 

Every bit of life begins with insipid, and finally insipid, insipid is the real taste of life. 

However, among all living beings, how many people can taste this distant and imminent situation? 

Which do you want, red roses or a bowl of hot porridge when you are hungry? 

Thinking about this old topic, she smiled quietly. 

Love to the extreme is not only the insipidity of that bowl of porridge but also the warmth of that bowl of porridge. As for the red rose, after the baptism of years, it either withered or turned into a bowl of porridge warmth, this time she believed that she would never understand again. 

No matter how the world changes, no matter how many rough seas there are in life, only insipid belongs to life and marriage belongs to itself. 

With a point of magnanimity, a kind of truth, to create a point of feeling, a point of tolerance, to live afresh taste in such insipid. 

Love does not need to die again and again, nor does it need to be unforgettable; it does not need to be passionate, nor does it need to be arrogant. 

Quietly feel a kind of insipid life, quietly snuggle with your loved ones, drink a glass of plain boiled water, feel the process of being satisfied with water, quietly holding the hands of your loved ones and feeling the cheerfulness of their pulse rhythm; give your loved ones a peeled orange and feel the tenderness of looking at each other with a smile.

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