Love Watch at the Crossroads

/September 2021

From winter to summer, at this time of day, a girl riding a bicycle full of flowers will appear at this intersection. Her name is Karen, and she is a flower girl from the flower garden in the countryside. Karen delivers fresh flowers to the flower shop at the corner on time every day and then returns to her home in the suburbs.  

Vivian's stay at the intersection is always short, usually only a few minutes. Every time, Eddie, the boy upstairs across the street, will appear in the window on time. He sat in a wheelchair, holding a telescope, and stared intently at the girl's "float" in the crevice of the curtain. He likes the morning. For him, the morning is the happiest moment of his day, because he likes this girl.  

The morning sun is beautiful, reflecting Eddie's face, which is radiant with excitement. In the sunshine, his legs seem to be alive and strong. Five years ago, a car accident caused Eddie's legs to lose consciousness. The owner of the accident gave him a large sum of money, and his mother bought him a piano with the money.  

The piano is black and has a good finish. Eddie loved music since he was a child, but his family was not well-off and could not satisfy his musical dream. Now, Eddie stroked the piano lovingly every day, just like touching his legs.  

Eddie is infatuated with playing the piano, just as he is infatuated with the girl who sends flowers every morning. From then on, Eddie devoted himself to the beautiful melody of the piano. His life is very simple. Apart from sleeping, he is playing the piano, and quietly looking at the street corner downstairs in a daze.  

Gradually, people in small towns began to notice the disabled musician. Under the spotlight of the media, Eddie walked out of his hut and began to compete and perform again and again. More and more people are fascinated by Eddie's piano, and his figure frequently appears in newspapers and TV.  

Although Eddie's life is as vivid as an angel's wings, he still stays with the telescope every morning, quietly watching the light figure of the flower girl and her left in the traffic. Yes, Kevin's position in Eddie's heart is irreplaceable.  

The last time Karen appeared in Eddie's telescope was this summer. She wore a white dress and rode around the newly-awakened city like an angel. When Karen arrived at the street corner, Eddie upstairs began to constantly adjust the focal length of the telescope, constantly changing the sitting position of his body and constantly changing the angle of sight. He wanted to see the girl more carefully and truly … A few minutes later, Karen left, and Eddie felt very lost. His eyes moved with the figure of Karen, turning left and right until he could see nothing.  

Later, the bicycle at the street corner turned into a minivan, and the strong porter took the flowers down, and Karen never appeared again. Originally, the flower bed was expanded, and there was no need to send flowers to women anymore. Karen left the flower bed, the corner, and the sky in Eddie's telescope. 

Eddie was very upset, so his simplest happiness was deprived. He vented his anxiety and pain on the piano, and every heavy note pressed down was like a heavy impact in his heart!  

Just when Eddie thought he would never see the beautiful Cavan again, a concert connected them. It was a special performance for the disabled. In the end, a girl ran up and sent flowers to Eddie. The girl smiled, and her red cheeks could not restrain her excitement. Her smile, her figure, how beautiful, how much like the girl who sent flowers!  

Ah, yes, that's her, that's the girl who sent flowers, Karen! Eddie couldn't help hugging the girl. The girl's body was warm and soft. Just like his long dream, he didn't want to wake up. Because it is cruel after waking up, the beautiful world will fall apart in an instant, and everything will cease to exist.  

Everyone in the audience applauded warmly for this long hug. None of them, including Karen, knew the true meaning of this hug, let alone how long Eddie was staring and waiting for this moment.  

In the makeup remover room in the background, they met again. Kevin became the cleaner of the auditorium. The girl who is dreaming is just around the corner, and Eddie decided not to miss it again. He came to Karen in a wheelchair, took her hand, and expressed his heartfelt confession for a long time: "I noticed you upstairs when you were a flower girl. Over the years, your figure has become my concern. Although I don't know your name and you have never seen me, I love you. Please be my girlfriend! "  

Karen's eyes were wide open, and she didn't make any answer.  

What's the matter with her? Is this the silent rejection she's been waiting for? Eddie suffered so much that tears wet his cheeks. He seemed to fall into the cold water in an instant. He silently let go of the hand holding Karen. Maybe you will never get a complete love, just like your legs that will never heal. 

Just as Eddie turned the wheelchair to leave, a small note was handed to him. Eddie looked up, and Karen looked at him with a gentle smile. He took the note in disbelief. On the note was a trace is written by Karen in a hurry: "Hello, my name is Karen. I lost my ability to speak when I was a child, but I can hear it. I like your music, will you teach me? " 

Eddie looked up excitedly. He smiled and wrote two words on the note sincerely-Yes!

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