Love without sorrow

/September 2021

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Before my daughter left for America, I asked her, "will you miss me?" 

She said, "No." 

Despite my displeasure, I know that apart from maternal love, there must be something better in the world waving to her. 

Life has been broken and parted since ancient times. 

When parting, her face was full of joy, but my eyes were whirling with tears. 

She won't let me go to the airport. She's afraid I'll cry. 

She thought there was nothing to cry about the parting. 

I thought to myself: don't be tough, it's not the time yet! 

One day you will say "I miss you" to me with tears streaming down your face. 

Children like to run out, to the distance, to the freedom of their dreams. 

There is nothing wrong with us. 

Parents' money gives them wings, we are willing to do so, this is also for our ideal. 

In the United States, she seems to be busier than I thought, busy studying, busy playing, do not want to let go of anything, only the mother side can be released. 

I couldn't catch her even if I wanted to make a video call with her. 

I complained, "you have to squeak!" 

So that we can know that you are all right. " 

So, on Wechat, she sometimes sent the word "good", sometimes two words "all are fine", or three words "all are fine". 

In a flash, half a year has passed, I have been waiting, but she finally did not say "I miss you" these three words, which makes me both lost and gratified. 

She didn't even come back for the first summer vacation. She applied for a school program and went to Boston University in London and Dublin in Ireland. For the rest of the time, she went to the Netherlands and Belgium alone. 

When she returned to the United States, she gladly told me that she had had a very busy summer vacation. 

Oddly enough, she doesn't miss me, but I still miss her wishfully, and I even want to see her. 

"I'd better come back when I graduate," she said. 

Then I will take you to have a good time. " 

Listening to this tone, it seems that we have changed our roles-she is the one who will take me to play from now on. 

Time flies, she is about to graduate, I began to prepare to attend her graduation ceremony. 

Before I went, I asked her what she wanted me to bring her, and she said she didn't want anything. 

I asked, "you don't need any food?" 

"then bring an ear scoop," she said. 

Almost as soon as she finished her graduation thesis, she began to work out our travel plan for the East Coast of the United States, and then sent me the itinerary for advice. 

Then book air tickets, tour tickets, hotels, car rentals. 

When I flew across the Pacific Ocean and the United States to General Logan Airport in Boston on the east coast, my daughter had been waiting for me for more than an hour. 

We took a taxi back to the apartment and our daughter plunged into the kitchen. 

A quarter of an hour later, the meal was magically placed in front of me. 

I like this kind of welcome gift. I ate the food cooked by my daughter on my first meal in the United States. 

She told me that the red wine beef was cooked before I was picked up, and there were onions, carrots, celery, and all kinds of spices in it. 

The spaghetti is fresh, and I made an avocado salad. 

We each had a glass of half a bottle of red wine leftover from roast beef to celebrate the reunion of mother and daughter. 

I found a red scald on the inside of her wrist, and I asked, "how did you do it?" 

She pulled down her sleeves and said, "just busy!" 

This is the most beautiful season of the year in Boston, and it is also the season for students to graduate. 

The trees on both sides of the road are covered with red and white cherry blossoms, and students in dazzling red robes can be seen walking through the falling English from time to time. 

Next, we went to a lot of places to play. 

On graduation day, I sat in the stands full of roses, waiting for my daughter to appear. 

Finally, I saw them flying out in groups, the red robes like curling waves, the people all over the field were cheering, and I don't know why I was crying all the time. 

In the twinkling of an eye to the day to go, I seem to enter the tears mode, do not give up. 

Before parting at the airport, I asked, "will you miss me?" 

"No," she said without thinking. " 

I asked, "do you love your mother?" 

She said, "Love!" 

I asked: "Love me, why don't you miss me?" 

"Love is enough," she said. "there is no sadness in my love." 

The plane jumped and a vast sea of clouds appeared in front of us. 

It suddenly dawned on me that life is the creation of heaven and earth, and we are just surrogacy for heaven and earth. 

The daughter is determined to travel far away, perhaps for the call of the great love between heaven and earth. 

I hope this call, so that the daughter in the face of all kinds of parting in life, there is no sadness, so that love lasts forever. 

Mom came to America. 

My mother planned to come to the United States for my graduate graduation ceremony a long time ago. Before she came, I was struggling to catch up with my graduation thesis and had already started preparing my job search plan after graduation, so to be fair, I was very busy. 

I am really glad that she can come to see me, on the one hand, she can celebrate with me for one and a half years of study, and on the other hand, she can see the scenery of the East Coast of the United States, and summer is the most beautiful season here. 

She took a Hong Kong Airlines plane from Shanghai to Hong Kong and finally landed in Boston. 

When I was in college, I participated in an exchange program in Hong Kong for one semester. I stayed in Hong Kong for nearly half a year, during which she also came to see me once. 

At that time, I asked my mother to wait on the streets of Hong Kong for nearly two hours because I overslept the next night after reviewing for the exam the night before, and missed the time I made an appointment to go shopping with her. 

At that time, I was not sensible at all, and I left the matter behind after being scolded by my mother. 

This time, I was very relieved to think that my mother wanted to visit me on a transoceanic plane alone for more than ten hours while staying in Hong Kong for a few hours. I hadn't fallen asleep for a minute since she told me that I had boarded the plane from Shanghai. 

I know she travels around the world, independent, confident, calm, and generous, but I still can't sleep. 

When I was tossing and turning in bed, I thought of the scenes in Hong Kong. I suddenly turned over and sat up and said to myself, "Oh, no, you've grown up!" 

While waiting for my mother at General Logan Airport in Boston, I told myself to Joiedevivre-- at any time during the trip, which is a French loanword in English, which is a very "professional" translation: be happy, be funny. 

When I first saw her at the airport, I found that my plan got half the result with twice the effort. 

Among a group of tired people, I locked my mother at a glance. She held up her passport, exuded the spirit of eighteen years old, and hurried toward her with a smile on her face.