Love you again-2

/November 2021

She told me in a gentle voice that from now on, you must hold your head high, no matter how hard the day is, don't bow your head! 

Her house is very beautiful, with hollowed-out words of double happiness on the door, sparkling furniture, flowers blooming on the snow-white tablecloth, a very handsome man sitting on the sofa watching TV. 

She pulled me out from behind and told me to call me "uncle". 

The uncle didn't have much joy on his face. While watching TV, he asked, "this is the kid. What's his name?" 

She hurriedly said: "Shaoxiao, my sister's only daughter, I told you." 

Then she dragged me into the bedroom to change, and she was hiding her uneasiness. 

Later, I learned that when she went to see me at her grandmother's house, she had just confirmed the wedding date. She was afraid that her uncle would not accept me, so she came back alone to beg her uncle. The uncle could not beat her and reluctantly agreed. 

Her bedroom was dazzling, and under her command, I went to take a shower and changed into a set of pajamas with Mickey Mouse pattern. 

When I came out of the bathroom, I saw her and her uncle sitting on the sofa and whispering. 

Uncle asked: "how long will this' bean sprout 'stay at home?" 

She sprinkled Jiao and said, "Why don't you stay and smile? she's very obedient. I'll take her by myself."... " 

My uncle's face darkened in an instant and began to smoke. 

For a long time, I heard her explain in a low voice: "this child has been close to me since childhood, and now no one cares."... " 

Uncle said: "We usually subsidize her has been benevolent and righteous, why do we have to support her?" 

After a long stalemate, she quietly pulled her uncle's clothes and said in a very low voice, "my sister did something wrong because she saved me. I can't be heartless." 

In fact, the smile is very good, she is not naughty. " 

For her sake, my uncle didn't kick me out after all. 

However, my excitement quickly faded, and the misfortune of my childhood made me understand the warmth of human feelings prematurely, and the hatred and resentment that I had nowhere to release fell on her-- it turned out that my mother was sentenced because of her. no wonder she wanted to take me in.

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