Love you again-3

/November 2021

I stayed at her house. 

She was so happy that she did all the housework and waited on her uncle like a young master. 

She also enrolled me in the nearest primary school, picked me up like a little mother every day, and always bought me some snacks on the way. 

At this time, she and her uncle just married, the relationship is very good, although the uncle does not like me, but did not say anything. 

In her spare time, she would tell me stories, a pile of fairy tale books, one after another. 

However, I no longer like her, because of her, my mother left me. 

I went to the best school and wore the best clothes. 

She dresses me up every day and often gets up early in the morning to cook delicious food for me. Dumplings, pies and wontons are all my favorite foods. 

However, I am not grateful to her. 

Study is not good, every day I know to hide in the house to read novels, those bitter novels in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the heroine's sad life experience and tortuous love stories, can always earn my tears. 

In addition, my uncle didn't like me all the time, and the eyes I swept over were cold. 

I began to learn the appearance of those heroines in the book to dress up themselves. I made myself sad every day, and my grades were getting worse and worse, but I began to like to make up stories and make my life experience extremely miserable. 

At that time, I do not know what happened, I made up the "story" spread to the teacher's ears. 

The teacher talked to me politely and asked me if there was anything I could do for you. Is it because Mom and Dad are not at home? 

My tears rustled down and my heart was sore. 

Unexpectedly, that night, the teacher tried to call home and asked if someone was abusing me and so on. 

It was my uncle who answered the phone. After perfunctory to the teacher, my uncle was furious. He rushed into the room and dragged me out, snapped at me and asked who had abused me and how such a young child could be so ungrateful.

I do not show weakness, I think I should be the most aggrieved. 

So he said loudly to his uncle, "it's you. You don't like me!" 

My uncle was so angry that he raised his hand and slapped me. 

I covered my face and ran out of the house like crazy. 

That night, I had nowhere to go and hid in the Internet bar all the time. 

After hiding for a day, I ran out of money in my pocket, so I had nowhere to go and slowly rubbed back home.

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