Love you again-4

/November 2021

She was at home, lying in bed, pale and her eyes sunken. 

When she saw me, she sat up from the bed and asked, "where have you been? you're freaking me out." 

Then she covered her stomach and stood up to make me something to eat. 

I ran to help her and saw the big beads of sweat rolling on her pale face. I felt pain for the first time in my heart. 

That day, I poured her a glass of water, she did not drink, but let tears fall into the cup. 

She said: "Shaoxiao, you should grow up quickly, study hard and be good. Can you promise me?" 

Only later did I know that I ran out like crazy that night. She was afraid that something would happen to me and rode her bike out to look for it. As a result, she fell. 

She was pregnant, but the baby was aborted. 

After the child is gone, my uncle no longer comes home on time, and the air at home is always cold. 

During the half month of her miscarriage and leaving, she cooked and washed her clothes with tears in her eyes. 

Stay up all night and sit by my bed. 

When combing her hair, her once long hair fell off one by one, and she simply cut it off. 

It's just that when I braided my hair every day, I would talk sadly about her hair. Her hands, very soft, fell on the hair, itchy and crisp. Several times I had the illusion that I almost lost my tongue and shouted "Mom". 

Her tears are so many, so painful. 

I suddenly became well-behaved, studied hard, and threw those chaotic novels into the dustbin. 

By the time she gave birth to her baby brother, I had already entered high school, started living on campus, and went home once a week. 

She put on some weight, and her little brother held him in his arms and smiled at me with his mouth open. She also smiled and said, "you see, you were like this when you were a child, and you loved to laugh most, so I named you Xiaoxiao." 

The uncle said with a cold face, "laugh, make the parents laugh, and don't use my son as a metaphor in the future." 

My face turned red at once. 

I learned my lesson, but my temper didn't change, and I was still so angry. After my uncle said that, I slammed the door and left. 

She hurriedly put down the child and chased her out, stuffed a roll of banknotes into my schoolbag, patted the zipper satisfactorily, and said, "smile, your uncle has a bad mouth, but he doesn't have a bad heart." 

We smile. We are a strong and magnanimous child, aren't we? "

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