Love you again-5

/November 2021

"No matter how bad it is, it will be a big bad wolf," 

I said viciously. 

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She shook her head and ran back because her brother was crying. 

She is busier, every day like a top, I said: "you can't spare a while, why don't you let him do something." 

She is noncommittal and still does all the housework. 

Every two years she took me to a distant place to see my mother. It was a desolate place with a high sky, long grass, and barren eyes. 

At that time, when we went to see our mother, we were caught in the heavy snow and were held up outside for three days. 

When we hurried back, our uncle was not at home, but we found traces of women in the house. 

She sat at the head of my bed and cried silently. I pretended to be asleep, but my heart was filled with anger. 

The next day, an important document of my uncle was cut up and left on the floor of the study. 

They had an earth-shaking quarrel, and finally, her uncle called her a "pervert" and beat her. 

When my uncle slammed the door and left, she slapped me for the first time, and the slap didn't fall after all. finally, she just said in a very powerless tone: "Xiao Xiao, you have to learn to understand others. You can't be so capricious." that document is related to his big contract, no wonder he is in a hurry. " 

I said: "who has thought about you, he is so bad to you, but also looking for a woman." 

She stared at me and suddenly cried, covering her face with her hands, tears gushing from between her fingers, her hair falling disorderly on her shoulders, and there were traces of vicissitudes on her face in her thirties. 

Now she wears the most common clothes found in the night market and uses the simplest cosmetics. Her uncle has scolded her more than once for not knowing how to dress. I also think she is too critical of herself. I blame her for her weakness and I feel very pain at the same time.

It was not until I went to another place to go to college that she gave me a card. The silver card was like a feather, fluttering and falling in the palm of my hand, but it was extremely heavy. I didn't know that she had been saving money on herself for so many years, just for me. She was afraid that if her uncle's company failed one day, she would not be able to support me to go to school, and she was even more afraid that I would be helpless again. 

I returned the card to her and asked her to live a good life in the future, buy beautiful clothes and use some high-end cosmetics, because men are visual animals. 

She smiled and said, "my smile has finally grown up and knows to care about me." 

Smiled and burst into tears.