Love you again-6

/November 2021

I began the work-study program after I went to college. I occasionally wrote some articles and published them, plus a scholarship, so I had no problem with my daily life. 

I never used her money again, and I sent all the money she sent back. I couldn't let her be subservient to her uncle again. 

During the winter and summer holidays, I occasionally go back to see her and stay for two or three days. 

She is even more haggard, the little brother is very naughty, my uncle's company is also depressed, affected by the financial crisis, he is no longer that arrogant man, but has become an alcoholic, drunk every day. 

At night, we lay in bed side by side. 

When we were young, we lay like this. She wanted to hold me in her arms, but I refused to let her. After all, she caused my mother to leave me and left me without a home. 

I took her hand in the dark and said softly, "divorce." 

He treated you so badly. 

When you wear one of our satin evening dresses, you show your beauty and your sense of style. Shop our high quality and fabulous options at affordable price.

When I graduate, I'll support you and my brother. " 

Her hand shook and said sadly, "smile, we have love, but he hates me." 

I also thought that when you were older, I would get divorced and live a comfortable life for a few years, but now that he is in such a state, how can I leave him alone? 

He is not too bad. Over the years, I have been secretly saving money for you, and he also knows that, although he is not willing to do so, he has not stopped me too much. " 


After graduating from college, I went to a big company to make an acceptance. 

Soon, I have a boyfriend, he is very considerate, let me feel the warmth I have never had before. 

To do business for him, I secretly transferred $100,000 from the company, and then he disappeared. 

I looked for it for a whole week and finally got frustrated and desperate. 

It was at this time that my mother was released from prison at the end of her sentence. 

We took the train to pick up my mother, the train roared across the earth, I kept writing my resentment and despair in the book, venting my depression. 

After settling down with my mother, I went back to my city, and I didn't want them to know my predicament. 

I didn't eat or drink in those days, but 100,000 yuan was like a bottomless pit. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fill it. 

Then there is only one way to go to prison.