Love you again-7

/November 2021

After settling down my mother, I went back to my own city, and I didn't want them to know my predicament. 

I didn't eat or drink in those days, but 100,000 yuan was like a bottomless pit. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't fill it. 

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Then there is only one way to go to prison. 

A month later, my mother called to say that she was hurt seriously. 

I cried into the microphone and shouted, "how did you get hurt?" 

Mother choked and said, "she's saving money for you." 

After work, he went to work in the computer city and fell down the stairs while moving things. 

When you were born, she held you in her arms and said that you were predestined with her, but you hurt her for half her life. 

She saw all the things you wrote on the train. " 

"Why did you do something wrong for her?" 

I finally shouted out the questions I had had for years to my mother on the other side of the microphone. 

Mom said, "I did something wrong because your father thought you were a girl and wanted to give you away and have another one. I refused, so we got into a fight. I lost my hand." 

She only said that because she wanted to find a suitable reason in front of your uncle! 

My tears poured down and I couldn't stop any more. 

By the time I got back, she had already had the operation and had not yet woken up. 

Bent, she closed her eyes and pined into a leaf in late autumn. 

I went to the bedside and gently said in her ear: "Shaoxiao is back, let Shaoxiao love you well for once!" 

She could not speak, but saw two lines of tears running down her cheeks and wet my face.