Love you forever

/October 2021

He is of the same family like her, but he doesn't know each other. 

However, at a class party, he and he not only got to know each other, but also fell in love at first sight, and privately agreed to each other for life. 

However, her parents did not approve of their love and strongly opposed it because he was born in the countryside. 

Her parents told her that love must be a perfect match so that the rest of her life will be happy. 

If you follow him, you will certainly bear hardships in the future. 

Under the pressure of her family, she often threw her anger in his face. 

He, on the other hand, did not complain about it but suffered it silently. 

In his words, because she is under more pressure than I am, I have to share a little with her. 

After graduation, he plans to go abroad for further study. 

She, on the other hand, decided to stay in the city. 

Before leaving, he said to her, "you know, I am not good at words, so I have not said anything ambiguous to you. You often ask me, how much do I love you?" 

I used to laugh it off, but now, I tell you, I always take you to the bottom of my heart. 

If you are willing to marry me, I will be responsible for your life. 

As for your parents, I will try my best to persuade them, will you marry me? " 

She nodded silently. 

After his unremitting efforts, her parents finally agreed that he could marry their daughter when he returned from his studies. 

Before leaving, he put an engagement ring on her finger. 

After he left, they were so far apart that they could not see each other. 

Bitter lovesickness can only be sent by e-mail and frequent overseas phone calls. 

He told her: "I am not by your side, you must take care of yourself." 

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She replied, "I will. You are out there alone, you are a stranger, and you have to be careful about everything." 

However, there were unexpected events and misfortunes and misfortunes. She was in a car accident on her way to work and was hit by an out-of-control truck. 

After a day and a night in a coma, she finally came to her senses. 

Valuing strange rooms and instruments closely connected to her body, she knew that this was the ward. 

She guessed correctly and was rushed to the hospital after she was injured and unconscious. 

As she was seriously injured, the medical staff of the hospital tried their best to treat her and snatched her back from the line of death. 

Her gaunt mother burst into tears when she saw her wake up. 

Looking at her sad and surprised mother, she wanted to open her mouth and say, "Mom, don't worry, I'll be fine." 

But no matter how hard she opened her mouth, she couldn't make any sound. 

After examination and diagnosis, the doctor believed that the huge impact of the car not only destroyed her appearance but also damaged her nerves, causing her to lose her voice. 

There was a lot of comfort from her parents, but she couldn't respond, she was silent all day, and her heart was broken. 

During her days in the hospital, she often sobbed silently and grieved silently alone. 

After she was discharged from the hospital, she went home to rest. 

Everything was the same at home, but she could not respond to the phone ring that had haunted her. 

She did not want him on the other side of the ocean to know that she had become like this, and she did not want to become a burden to him in the future, so she wrote him a Dear John letter saying that she had given up, had no hope for him, and could not wait any longer. 

The engagement ring was sent to him along with the letter. 

After that, no matter how much he called, wrote, or e-mailed, she stopped responding and wept all day long. 

Her parents decided to move the whole family, hoping that she would forget all this and that the new environment would bring her some joy. 

In the new environment, she learned sign language and started a new life. 

Every day she told herself to forget him completely and it was over. 

One day, a friend who came to see her said he was back. 

Terrified, she begged her friend not to let him know all this. 

Since then, nothing has been heard from him, and seems to have disappeared from the world. 

A year later, her friend came to see her again, and this time she brought an envelope containing an invitation to his wedding. 

The girl was heartbroken when she saw the wedding invitation. 

But when she opened the invitation, she found that her name was written in the bride's column. 

He suddenly appeared in front of her when she was surprised. 

He told her in sign language: "I spent a year learning sign language. I just want to tell you that I haven't forgotten my promise to you." 

From now on, I will be your voice. 

I will love you forever! " 

With that, he put the ring on her finger again. 

Her face smiled like a flower.