Marriage dictionary

/October 2021

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Dictionary of the Devil of Marriage. 

The so-called strong woman is a woman's body, a man's heart. 

The so-called romantic is to provide an image, but not a real scene.

Loneliness is living with someone you can no longer find new feelings about. 

The so-called "marriage" means that with the help of the director "Love" and the script "hallucinations", the leading actors and actresses stand on the stage of expectation and perform a ridiculous farce that makes people laugh or cry. 

The so-called eight characters mean firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, tea, and money. 

The so-called "seven-year itch" means a fresh year, two years of familiarity, three years of boring, four years of thinking, five-year plans, six years of foolishness, and seven years of action. 

A so-called marriage expert is a person who can analyze the crux and methods of various problems but does not guarantee that it will work. 

The so-called "believe" is to "bet" that your wife "believes" and does not believe your lies. 

The so-called state of peace is a comfortable house, a warm fireplace, a little lazy light, a time when my wife has not yet come home. 

The so-called statistics are that the wife stands in front of the wardrobe counting clothes and the husband takes a wallet and counts banknotes. 

The so-called true lie is that the husband returns to be true in the evening, and the excuse is a lie. 

The so-called politics is the only thing that a husband can tell his wife that you don't understand. 

The so-called lady is the woman between putting on the wedding dress and taking off the wedding dress. 

As the saying goes, you can't have both the myth of love and the myth of marriage. 

The so-called psychological effect is the thing that prompted you to fall in love with a person 20 years ago and then prompted you to divorce the same person 20 years later. 

The so-called mother-in-law is the woman who is higher than your wife, and she is not on your side. 

The so-called "real woman" refers to a woman who has not been dating him for more than three months.