Marriage doesn't make any sense

/September 2021

In the movie, someone asked a golden couple the secret of a happy life, and the old man said a word: "patience". 

The old lady objected and said it was four words: "put up with it again and again". 

Laughter spread around, and there were experienced, married people. 

Only after getting married did I find that the eyebrow of the case was fake. It is really strange why there is always an impulse to make a clean break with this person who sleeps next to him every day. 

American director Tim Bolton said that he firmly adheres to the belief that "marriage is the grave of love" and is determined not to jump in. 

Tim Bolton married inexplicably in his early years and has been with actress Helena since he became famous. The two are called the most matched couple in history, one is a director, the other is his royal actress, and they have a son and a daughter in 13 years. 

What I envy most is that the couple doesn't live together. They each buy a house in a certain area of London and act like neighbors. They can visit each other, but they don't sleep in the same room at night. 

The relationship lasted 13 years and ended with a public breakup announcement. 

When the news first came out, the public sighed and said that love was so unreliable. 

But I think for people like Tim Bolton who need space if he didn't have a house of his own, love might have disappeared years ago. 

I read a sentence in a novel that the husband, who had been away for a long time, wrote a postcard to his wife: real marriage doesn't make any sense, and any situation is possible. 

A real marriage is different from a perfect marriage, just like the real you, unlike the perfect self, who has the figure of a model, the self-motivated of an entrepreneur, flawless skin, and a wallet that is never strapped for money. 

The real you are likely to be bothered by something trivial at the moment, such as constipation or date you don't want to go to. 

There are a lot of dirty things in a real marriage, which may be socks that your husband hasn't washed for a few days, or maybe one day you find him cheating and come back to beg you, and you suddenly feel that it is not unacceptable. 

There is no reason for a real marriage. There is no man or woman. 

In a marriage, there may be a very strong woman whose husband quits and goes home to take care of the children to do housework; there may also be a cowardly woman who acquiesces to her husband's affair; it is more likely that two people who do not love each other will spend their whole life together. 

Any form will appear, and there is no difference between good and bad.

Just like judging whether a person is happy or not, who can tell whether this person has spent a happy life or not until the moment of death? 

Who knows what will happen before all marriages end? 

One person's life has been changeable, not to mention the sum of two people's lives? 

There is no true marriage whether it is right or not, only whether it is accepted or not, and the one who pursues the right will eventually become the most painful one in the marriage relationship.

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