Marriage is a marathon

/October 2021

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On Sunday, the weather was fine. Mei Huan wanted to take her son for a walk with Xintao. The family of three had not been together for a long time. 

Unexpectedly, Xin Tao was in a hurry to go out after washing. When Mei Huan asked him where he was going, he said, "I have something to do with my buddy. why do you ask so many questions?" 

With that, he left Mei Huan alone at home. 

This is the present state of Xin Tao, who basically regards lintel as happy as nothing and refuses to have too much emotional communication with her. 

At first, Mei Huan's mood was completely controlled by Xin Tao: if Xin Tao was gentle to her, she would be very happy. Xin Tao was very indifferent to her, so she was very upset and always wanted to ask what was going on. 

The more she was like this, the more Xin Tao annoyed her, and finally simply told her, "I'm like this. If you don't think about it, we can leave. If you think about it, we can pass, too, but you want me to be what you want me to be. It's impossible." 

Mei Huan doesn't want to get a divorce, but he doesn't want to divorce. If he doesn't get a divorce, he will spend his whole life without temperature like an iron man. What's the difference between a divorce and a divorce?. 

Entanglement is the most exhausting, and Mei Huan pined away a lot in a short period of time. 

A good friend, who is in the clothing business, saw Mei Huan's appearance and said to her, "Don't be angry with him. Don't you like fashion design?" 

I have nothing to do to do the design, if I feel good, I will produce it and sell it in the store and pay you the design fee. " 

Mei Huan's eyes lit up when she heard this suggestion. It has always been her dream to be a fashion designer. Since she has this opportunity, why not give it a try? 

After that, Mei Huan took a small book with him, painted and painted whenever he was free, and put the beautiful clothes he had in mind on the paper. 

Several designs were really favored by his girlfriend, and it is said that they sold well in the store, which greatly encouraged Mei Huan. 

Since then, apart from going to work and taking care of her son, she has devoted all her energies to the design and can no longer take care of Xin Tao. 

On Sunday, she found herself expecting Xin Tao to go out hurriedly. As soon as he went out and placed his son, she plunged into the design and painted all day. 

With regard to Mei Huan's state, Xin Tao felt quite good at first: finally, no one was bothering me, and he was quiet. 

But after a long time, he began to feel a little uncomfortable, especially when he saw Mei Huan's eyes glowing every day, coming and going like the wind, as if he had been beaten with chicken blood. 

Sometimes when she talked to her, she answered, but the heart and God seemed to be floating somewhere he could not reach. 

He could not help but wonder: what is this man up to? 

One morning, Xin Tao finally couldn't help asking Mei Huan, "what have you been up to lately?" 

Mei Huan wanted to tell him, but then he thought, "he doesn't understand either. I still have to explain for a long time." 

So she poured the last sip of soymilk into her mouth, got up and said, "it's nothing, it's still the same." 

Mei Huan's attitude made Xin Tao a little uneasy. According to his understanding of Mei Huan, this woman is the kind of woman who can't keep a word in her heart, and she will certainly catch him nagging for a long time when there is something big in her heart. 

It's really rare like this. 

For the first time, Xin Tao had an unpredictable feeling about this woman. 

On Sunday, Xin Tao suddenly didn't want to go out. He said to Mei Huan, "Let's take our son out today. Didn't you say that the family of three haven't been together for a long time?" 

Mei Huan looked embarrassed. "my friend and I have an appointment to do something for her. Why don't you take your son?" 

Xin Tao really wanted to ask what it was, but he swallowed it on the tip of his tongue. Didn't Mei Huan chase him about this and that in the past? 

Why is he asking her now? 

All day, Xin Tao was uneasy, watching his son laugh and run, and his mind was full of Mei Huan. 

This state startled him: when did he think about his wife except when he was in love? 

He asked his son, "do you know what my mother has been doing lately?" 

The son knows: "my mother helps my aunt sell clothes." 

Xin Tao suddenly wanted to see Mei Huan immediately, so he took his son to her. 

Standing by the street, Xin Tao looked at Mei Huan directing the shop assistant to decorate the window of the clothing store. Her long hair rose, her scarves fluttered, and sometimes she raised her face and laughed heartily, looking both knowledgeable and charming. 

Xin Tao's heart suddenly moved: never found that this woman is actually very beautiful and charming. 

Xin Tao went to the florist nearby to buy a bunch of roses. 

When was the last time you sent flowers to Mei Huan? 

He can't remember. 

Today, he wants to send her a bouquet of flowers. 

It seemed that fresh blood was injected back into the bodies of their marriage, making the heart beat again, which was almost at a standstill. 

Mei Huan, who is busy, will not know that she has successfully passed through her marriage. 

Marriage is a marathon, at some point, will enter a burnout period, he did not cheat, do not want to give up, just can not pick up the momentum, a pair of "I am like this, you can change if you are not satisfied" look. 

Your crying and complaining to him will only make him more bored. 

At this time, you might as well turn around, turn your attention to yourself, and still live and be yourself. 

When he occasionally cheered up and wanted to take a look at you, he found out: Oh, this man has run so far! 

As soon as he was in a hurry, he came up with energy and began to chase you again.