Marriage is a responsibility

/September 2021

You are happy and lucky when you meet someone who can make your heartbeat, who has a sense of responsibility and gives you a feeling of steadiness and warmth all the time.  

What makes you feel excited may not accompany you to old age. Only those who are willing to accompany you to live a dull life in the daily necessities sauce vinegar tea should be your final choice.  

Many of us have a romantic seed in our hearts, some of which sprout and branch constantly, and finally grow into a towering tree. The dense emotional leaves, blocking the line of sight of reality, make people indulge in the pursuit of romance, unable to extricate themselves.  

It is said that marriage is a besieged city, which surrounds some of your desires, especially your desire for romance.  

Don't keep asking each other if they love you, because sweet words in your mouth can't resist the cruelty of reality.  

Time is the best instrument to test feelings. Only when we know and understand each other can our feelings not be killed by time.  

Everyone longs for romance, but romance can only be used as a taste of life, not the whole life.  

Romantic feelings need mutual balance. If only one person gives silently, then this relationship is bound to fail.  

The long journey of life requires understanding the connotation of happiness in simplicity. Happiness means that two people help each other in a difficult situation. When they have enough ability to enjoy romance, they will lead a life with elegance, poetry, and painting, and accept the earthly fireworks.  

Love and marriage still have essential differences.  

Love is a matter for two people, as long as two people feel happy and romantic. 

Marriage is a matter of two families, which is a kind of responsibility derived from love. 

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I have read such a saying: When we met, we hit it off, met and hated each other late, and no one was ever closer than us. Love is beautiful. People who are in love will put everything behind them. Love will make the combination of body and mind closer and more harmonious.

The ultimate goal of two people who love each other is to get married. Therefore, whether a person loves you depends on whether he is willing to marry you and share joys and sorrows. Perhaps, he is not a romantic person, but he must be a person who loves you and is willing to give you a solid life and give you warmth.