Marriage is always happy in mediocrity

/October 2021

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Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) 100 years of marriage, requires simple feelings, patient virtues, but also has the mind to appreciate each other. 

Therefore, marriage is not a high-altitude adventure, but flatwork, the more down-to-earth it is, the more stable it can be for a long time. 

A story about marriage and tea tells that Su Luo, a man who has been married for more than 10 years, has become numb to Wen Shunping and his wife, who is as insipid as Chen Cha, and marriage without passion. 

Therefore, Su Luo could not resist the temptation and had an extramarital affair. 

Later, after divorce and remarriage, Su Luo had a new wife as attractive as a new tea, and the delicate and charming bones of the little woman made him drunk in the gentle village. 

But gradually, Su Luo found that his new wife only knew how to enjoy, but could not do housework or cook. Instead, she asked Su Luo to serve her as a slave. 

If there is a little that can not satisfy her, the wife will act coquettishly, and then end up crying. 

The sweetness and fun at the beginning became a burden to Su Luo over time. 

Su Luo thought of his ex-wife and thought of the warm and sweet nature of Chen tea, but it made people have a long aftertaste and a warm heart. 

However, the ex-wife has already found a husband who likes to drink "Chen tea". 

Love is like new tea, sweet and fragrant and attractive to taste. 

Marriage, on the other hand, is like Chen tea precipitated over the years, which has a dull taste. 

Just as wine is an old fragrance, those things that have been washed and polished over the years are the most worthy of people to taste. 

When you feel that the marriage is boring and numb, you might as well recall the details of the past, and the love in the details has long been in your heart. 

Even if it is not hot and vigorous, what is always in mind is the warmth of spring. 

Life = 5% stimulation + 5% pain + 90% insipid. 

We tend to endure 5% pain for 5% stimulation, and then spend it with 90% mediocrity. 

Marriage, as an important lesson in life, also needs to withstand insipid fleeting time. 

Even if you are not willing to be insipid, you can only end up with mediocrity, even if you try to be wonderful, but it ends with mediocrity because that's what marriage is.