Marriage is like a vase, strong but fragile

/November 2021

Sometimes love is not just a verbal vow of love, sometimes all it needs is a bowl of soup when sick, a shoulder, and a hug when sad. 

Love is like a vase, which can withstand the weathering of time and the test of wind and rain but cannot withstand the loss of falling from a height. As long as it is gently touched on the ground, it will never be as good as before. 

Often we say vows of love, but forget that love is also life, forget to take care of it. 

In the end, love broke with the heart. 

He and she are college classmates, he comes from the remote countryside, she comes from a prosperous city. 

His father is a farmer and her father is a manager. 

Apart from these, no one did not say that they were made for each other, and they finally got together under the strong opposition of her family. 

He is a targeted examinee and can only return to the scheduled unit after graduation. 

She gave up the unit her father had found and followed him back to his county seat. 

He works as a clerk in the bureau. She teaches in middle school and lives a hard and peaceful life. 

In today's materialistic world, this kind of love is no less than Hollywood's "classic". 

It was cold that day. 

Dragging her body with a bad cold, she made up lessons for the students who had dropped out of class at school. She called him and asked him to go home early to cook dinner. 

But when she came home tired and hungry, he was not there. There was no popularity in the cold pot and cooker in the house. She was just about to get up to cook when he came back. 

She asked him where he had been, and he said that because she couldn't come back to cook, he went out to eat. 

She was so sad that she went into the bedroom with tears in her eyes. 

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As she walked past the coffee table, the corner of her skirt scraped the vase off the coffee table, which fell to the ground and broke. 

Half a year later, she left the county and returned to the bustling city. 

This is marriage, strong and fragile. 

Like a beautiful vase, placed in a suitable position, it can withstand the weathering of the years, but as long as it is gently touched and dropped on the ground, it may become innumerable pieces.