Married for 10 years

/September 2021

At the age of 20, when he was playing football on the football field, he saw a girl in red walking through the playground with a book in her arms. 

His foot sold his eyes, and the ball hit the girl in the back impartially. 

The girl screamed, and he hurried over to apologize and find out which major she studied and which building she lived in. 

In this way, their love began. 

After graduation, they stayed in the same city. 

She was assigned to a military academy as a female instructor, where he worked in engineering. 

Once, she went to the dormitory to see him cut his fingernails and then began to cut his toenails. "Hey, don't cut your toenails with nail Clippers," she shouted. " 

He said he thought she was busy and troublesome, but he was happy in his heart. 

A year later, when she said she wanted to take the TOEFL, he quietly took out half a month's salary and signed up for a training course for her. 

On the first day of the training course, she had a fever for unknown reasons. She had been burning for three days and rested for a week, but she was still lethargic. 

She asked him to refund the money for the TOEFL training course, but he ground for a long time, and he was only willing to refund 70% of the registration fee. 

He was very unhappy when he lost a sum of money for no reason, and he thought about how to blame her all the way. 

But the moment he entered the door and saw her, he suddenly changed his mind and said, "the teacher is very nice and refunded all the money." 

During that time, she had a bad temper and was apt to blame him. 

He listened silently without excuse. 

Only later did I know that she had hyperthyroidism. 

The female doctor pulled him aside and said, "patients with hyperthyroidism have a bad temper, so you have to take care of it." 

He suddenly felt a pain in his heart. 

Out of the hospital, on a tree-lined roadside, he said to her, "Let's get married!" 

She knew why he proposed at this time, though for a long time, and nodded. 

Time passed in a flash, and in the fourth year of marriage, the baby was born. 

In the middle of that night, she got up to make milk powder and the pacifier fell to the ground. She picked it up, wiped it with her hands, and loaded it to continue to use it. 

All this happened to be seen by him, and he hastened to help rinse the milk powder. 

As if remembering something, he went to the drawer and the big nail Clipper, which specializes in cutting toenails, was gone. 

Asked her, she said: "there is no need to care about this." 

His heart hurts like a needle-she, who once loved cleanliness so much, has lost her former brilliance under the sharpening of life. 

When the child was five months old, he was implicated in an economic case. 

In those days, he always thought that if he loved someone, he should not involve her. 

Ten months later, he came home with a probation verdict. 

Their life went on as usual, but sometimes she would say that she should not have married him in the first place. 

Once, when she said so again, he replied, "I shouldn't have married you either." 

When she heard this, she burst into tears and punched him in the chest. 

When she was tired, he said, "I mean, if you didn't marry you, you wouldn't have suffered so much." 

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She was stunned for a moment and smiled through tears. 

He stayed at home for half a year. 

One night, she told him, "the army asked me to change my job, but you don't have a job now. I don't think I can." 

He hurriedly said: "you leave me alone, turn around when you should." 

She turned over dissatisfactory and said, "how could I leave you alone?" 

After a long time, he thought she was asleep, thought of smoking a cigarette, but suddenly heard her say: "do you love me in the end?" 

If you love me, I will give you whatever you want, if you don't love me. " 

He sighed, "how could I not love you?" 

"But I can't feel it at all. 

If you look at me, you never praise me or say I love you. Coming home every day is like going to the office. I can't see how happy you are to be home. " 

He didn't know what to say and hugged her tightly. 

Her body was stiff at first and softened after a while. 

Love, sometimes you don't have to say it. 

They also had a car accident that year. 

He was fine, but there was a long scar on her face and the bridge of her nose was dented. 

At that time, he was startled by the way her head was covered with gauze, but he tried to pretend to be normal, taking care of her for dinner, getting up at night, and comforting her that everything would be all right. 

How time flies. They have been married for ten years. 

On the anniversary, he bought a thick gold bracelet for her. She thought it was too thick. He said it should be thicker to have a sense of happiness. 

Two days later, she took out the bracelet and asked him to return it. 

"it's too thick to wear it out. 

Besides, my son is going to primary school, and there are still many places to spend money in the future. " 

He knew that she was still reluctant to spend money. 

On his way home from the mall, he received a text message indicating that the refund had been transferred to the bank card. 

The souvenir of 10 years of marriage is gone. How can he commemorate this day? 

He had this question on his mind all the way, and finally, he decided to say to her that I love her. 

When he got home and heard the sound of cooking, he went straight to the kitchen. 

As soon as I opened the door, I heard her shout, "where's the fried fish? get out of here. It will make the house smell fishy." 

He hurriedly backed out and sat on the sofa playing with the child until she shouted "time to eat". 

At dinner, he gave her a piece of fish without thorns. 

She was turning her head and blaming the child for not eating green vegetables. Looking back, she put the fish into her mouth with one chopstick, without the slightest doubt about where the fish came from. 

He did not blame her, for he knew that such a thing must have happened to him when he was physically and mentally exhausted, he ignored the care she sent. 

After 10 years of marriage, he seems to be enlightened-whether you notice it or not, in those mundane and trivial lives, love has come and has been there all the time.