Meet true love

/September 2021

A friend told me that when I married the person I liked, my married life began to become dull and trivial, all my bad habits were exposed, and my beautiful love became devastated. 

I, a woman who believes in the existence of true love, trembles all over. 

However, if you meet true love, if you don't get married, do you have to choose to run away? 

There are no examples of running away around me, there are many people I can't find who I like, and I've only seen escape in the movies. 

The American film "Sweet November", the protagonist is a gorgeous girl, a month for a boyfriend, none of them really like. 

By November, her true love appeared, and the two had a very good relationship, as sweet as their newlyweds. 

A month later, the girl still wanted to break up, and the boy chased him out to a small bridge full of plants and said to the girl, "I want to get married, we want to grow old together, and we don't want to part." 

The girl cried and said: the future depends on this sweet memory between us to live, if we live together, the faults of the two people will be exposed, there will not be that kind of beautiful feeling, so we must be separated. 

It is not easy to meet what you like in the long journey of life. 

Yang Jiang said to tie Ning, "Don't look for love, you have to wait for it to come." 

Tie Ning is in her forties and has been waiting for many years, but she is still single. 

If one day she waits for it, how cruel it will be for you to ask her to run away! 

If love is a vegetable, it will inevitably lose its freshness if it has been stored for a long time, which is a characteristic of love. 

We walked into the marriage with love, and when we felt the pain, we doubted the marriage. 

In fact, even if you don't get married, don't you get bored if you get along for a long time? 

What does marriage have to do with it?  

What's more, marriage already has an element of gambling, which requires courage and great endurance. 

Marrying true love is less risky than marrying someone who marries for the sake of marriage. 

Men and women who love each other walk into the church and swear in front of God that I will respect, love, respect and take care of each other, regardless of poverty, wealth, birth, old age, sickness and death, and I will respect each other until they die. 

I firmly believe that there is also a love of life and death in marriage, and the love I look up to is a little religious. 

I want to say to the girl in the film that even if you encounter betrayal, it is better to fill it with sweet memories than to escape from life.

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