Meet your girlfriend by chance-2

/October 2021

My mother knew that I had a girlfriend, so she urged me to see her. I had no choice but to say yes to Xiao Ying. Unexpectedly, she said yes. 

When we first met, Xiao Ying's generous nature won her mother's approval, and her speech and behavior also made her mother very satisfied. 

Mother saw Xiao Ying's skirt and said, "Xiao Ying, this dress on you is very beautiful and suits you very well." 

Xiao Ying smiled happily and said, "Fang Ji bought it for me. It's 2000 yuan." 

My mother's face changed, and then she saw that the bag she was carrying was also an expensive famous brand. My mother didn't say anything. I knew she must have something in mind. 

After seeing off Xiao Ying, her mother said, "We can't afford a girl like Xiao Ying. She is too vain to suit our family." 

I hope you can find a simple girl who is gentle and can take care of the family. " 

I do not agree with my mother's point of view, I like Xiao Ying, and Xiao Ying's character of spending money like water embarrasses me. 

There is love on one side and affection on the other. I know that if I don't do anything like this again, it will make the two women I love suffer. 

I first asked a "bosom sister", she pointed out that I can not help falling in love with Xiao Ying because of her excellent appearance, this kind of state of mind is very normal. 

But if my feelings for her stagnate or even regress when I encounter the setbacks of "Moonlight", it shows that my feelings for her do not love, but a frenzy of admiration for the moment. 

Her words suddenly enlightened me. 

How can love be plain sailing? 

The problem encountered at present is not only a contradiction but also a challenge. 

I spent the whole night working on a plan about how to spend reasonably, ideas, and plans for the future. 

Looking at the written plan, my heart is full of confidence and hope for the future, but …... 

Where's the warbler? 

Will she agree with me? 

The next day, I sat nervously in front of Xiao Ying with the plan. I looked at her beautiful face, but I couldn't say anything. 

She saw my hesitation, and suddenly her eyes turned red: "is it because my aunt doesn't like me and let you break up with me?" 

I was surprised. 

She smiled a wry smile and said, "you, everything is written on your face." 

I understand that no mother-in-law would like to spend a lot of money on daughter-in-law. 


I think maybe your family will be different, now it seems that I am too naive. " 

She looked up, looked me in the eye, and said, "come on, I. 

Respect your ideas. " 

This is a big misunderstanding! 

I hurriedly took out the plan and hurriedly turned it over to her: "No, I don't want to break up!" 

I proposed, and I think we're still. 

You can still save it! " 

Xiao Ying took the plan in surprise, looked at it and began to cry, and threw herself into my arms: "Fangji, different, you are not like them." 

I'll try! 

For our future, for you. " 

I think, now, I am the happiest person in the world.

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