Meet yourself-2

/October 2021

The second stop of my trip was Xiamen University. On the campus of Xiamen University, I met the boy on the ferry. When I saw him, he was chatting with two black friends. 

After he separated from his black friends, I couldn't help but go up and say hello. He was a little surprised. 

"do we know each other," he said? 

"We took the scenic ferry around Gulangyu together. You don't know me, but I've been watching you for a long time," I replied. 

After talking for a while, we went together. 

June is the graduation season, and Xiamen University is no exception. Graduates have become another beautiful scenery on campus. 

Graduates can be seen taking pictures everywhere in libraries, experimental buildings, teaching buildings, playgrounds, sculptures, and ponds. 

After we turned for a while, we came to the souvenir store of Xiamen University. He turned around for a long time, bought a souvenir, and we left. 

During the trip to Xiamen University, he hardly said anything to me. Seeing that he was worried and sad, I didn't say anything. 

During the whole trip to Xiamen University, only when buying souvenirs, there was a smile on the corners of his mouth. 

Out of the gate of Xiamen University, next to the Nanputuo Temple, from afar, there were not many people, so I walked in. 

When you travel to the South Putuo Temple, you have to climb the mountain. Climb to the top of the mountain behind the South Putuo Temple and overlook Gulangyu, which is a kind of unspeakable enjoyment. 

After we reached the top, we sat down on a stone at the top of the mountain. 

After watching the scenery for a while, I tried to ask him why he wanted to travel to Xiamen. 

"I have encountered some unhappy things recently, so I came out to relax," he said. 

I didn't ask any more questions. I just smiled and said, "it seems that travel doesn't make you relax." after staying at the top of the mountain for a while, we went down the mountain. 

In the evening, we boarded Gulangyu Island and all said that the night in a city is the most beautiful. Indeed, the night scene of Xiamen is indescribable in my pale language. 

On Gulangyu Island, the smell of all kinds of snacks emanates from the storefront, and the streets are filled with all kinds of fragrances. 

Where there is good food, there will be no shortage of people. 

We passed the crowd and came to a special shop called Sansheng Youxin. 

He said he wanted to write a letter to his future self. I saw him holding his pen and hesitating for a while, then finally put it down. 

Late at night, the knock on the door woke me up from sleep, "is what happened to the hotel? there is still a knock at the door so late." 

When I opened the door and saw the boy standing there listlessly, I asked him what was wrong. 

"I want to talk to you for a while," he said. 

It may be the time when people's feelings are exposed in the dead of night. "I like a girl, but I am also a person who is not good at words. When I am with her, I can't find much to talk about. Most of the time I face each other face to face, but I have nothing to say." 

But when I am not with her, I will unconsciously miss her, and even feel that there are a lot of things I want to say to her. 

I want to send a message to her, but I am afraid to say something wrong, not to send her a message, and to worry that she will be taken away by someone else. I don't even have a chance to chase her. I am a person who lacks decisiveness in matters such as love. 

He said unabashedly. 

"who is she referring to? 

Is the word on the souvenir you bought at Xiamen University her name? "I asked. 

The boy nodded.

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