Miss on the shore

/October 2021

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A handful of broken porcelain, falling to the ground with sound, palms with marks. 

Time is gone, the broken porcelain of love, the light is still bright, but with some kind of melancholy, a little bit lonely, love does not die to watch, love is not old verdant. 

Meet the world of mortals, deep love, once geometry? 

Fall into the valley of love, now see through, love is also wasted, willing to become a butterfly, just to adhere to an old love song. 

-- inscription. 

Standing alone in the dark before dawn, the row upon row of tall buildings in the town shuttles back and forth with my distant thoughts. 

Coveted the night, I miss, write before dawn, if you feel a persistent concern, can you give me an answer? 

Before this happy June. 

Knock on the window of the years, there is a pair of clear eyes, looking across the time and space overlooking in your waterfront, a miss spread, soft lonely climb the missing stem, memory across the sea and clouds, swimming in your water and clouds. 

The uproar of the world, can not stop lonely tiptoes, want and read, so hobbled, just want to use emaciated ink, to tell the same love, only your well-being, in exchange for my peace of mind, pray in countless days and nights, longing for eyes, looking for a sunny day of your life. 

Lonely soul, in the summer stained with a thick layer of frost, can not find your footprints, miss is your face, the dream of a thousand twists and turns of tenderness. 

Just want to sing you another song of love, even if the tone, melody missed, messy, why not? 

Just sing for you, you can be moved, meet in the underworld in the panic of parting, silent leave, leaving is you once obsessed with me the fragrance, residual memory, can not erase the deep pull, the soul at this moment shake out a place of helplessness. 

I remember that day, you came gently, put on a morning light, and brought a beautiful dress. For such a long time, you should know that I have never left your side, and my endless thoughts for you are no longer what I can control. I understand that your love for me is not a simple flow of ink. If you want to sail far away, don't forget to take my blessing with you. If you have a hesitation in your heart, don't forget to take my blessing with you. 

Remember to look at the sky quietly, I hide in a cloud, have been watching with you, thousands of Acacia, Ying hold into a lifetime of glass crystal bright, with my pen, engraved you my life dazzling long light. 

Heartache for you, tears for you, see you haggard, my heart is broken. 

When your eyes, facing the night, can not open the tired, my heart collapsed in the night, you use weak body, support a love, in the fate of the world, spread. 

Hate the red candle fall, Laoyan split up, what burden, with you to accompany, loneliness is also a kind of beauty. 

Lonely dyed with frost, always keep you in the Acacia ferry, prosperous fall, a place of residual flowers, you are the constant concern in my heart, fetters, thousands of rivers and mountains love you, keep you in our most beautiful years, even if love you, is a moth to the fire of the fate, I am only willing to keep you a city, a mistake in the end, not in each other's world to escape, hugging promises to say with Zicheng. 

No water 's wide enough when you have crossed the sea; No cloud is beautiful but that which crowns the peak. 

It is you who float across my sky, leaving a soft look and a lifetime of love. 

Raise your eyes and stare, the city of the sky is still blue, the breeze is moving, thousands of soft clouds are opened, if the mountains and rivers are surrounded by each other, if the butterflies are sentimental. 

The wind brushed by, the clouds embracing each other were sent away, and they went their own way and gracefully interpreted each other into feelings in the sky. 

In the world of mortals, how much love, not inadvertently meet, fall in love with each other, but also inadvertently dispersed by time, their own horizon, leaving a piece of yearning, alone at a loss, alone dyed. 

Once upon a time, perhaps tortured by time, only the thoughts are still wrapped around the heart, watching in the memories, remembering in the watch. 

How much moved, how many tears, only let the long years of interpretation, wandering in the depths of pen and ink. 

Write down my thoughts again and again, and fall full of love again and again. You see, the sheets of paper have already been engraved with the appearance of Acacia. Those tears blur the old days, and my heart stands in the center of the vast and distant time. In the gaze of my eyes, it becomes clear and quiet. At this moment, do you still miss the Iraqi people in the distance, and there will be little tears in your eyes every once in a while?. 

You can't imagine her for you already dry eyes haggard, once clear and pitiful already in thousands of miles of Acacia, the barrier of thousands of landscapes, blurred fundus, put aside the gauze in the eyes, pick up the deep feelings of the world, those who are so intoxicated, climb to the heart, lonely fingers, waving in the ink shadow, can not change the love, unforgettable feelings, only willing to invest in the shadow of ink, ink in the afterlife. 

Do you know how many Acacia tears dropped from me. 

Vaguely drop ink, vaguely miss you. 

Beware of being moved back by the past again, those unbearable stories, in memory, such as broken beads, slipping in the bottom of my heart, bringing endless yearning. 

If missing is a disease, maybe I am terminally ill because of you, and there is no cure. 

You say I am still me, you or you, never changed, become just the years, in the long time, the cheeks crawled the vicissitudes of life, we love, but so constant verdant, and never grow old with time. 

Your heart is still connected to my heart, walking on the world road of you and me, helping each other.