My happiness is just right-1

/October 2021

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The most suitable for each other is not to hit it off at the beginning, but to be willing to become a better person for each other in the long years to come. There is no such thing as a perfect couple in love, but to work hard to become the right one for us. 

Some things always happen in a natural state, which surprises us and keeps us in mind. 

Good love is to find a person who likes each other for the rest of your life, from joy to love, let him accompany you to cry and tease you, and share joys and sorrows. 

From a small house to a big house, from a world of two to a family of three, without earth-shaking or grudges, I calmly lived my life as Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling). 

In this way to meet a person, such as the warm winter sun, like the starlight of the night. 

In the long future, many people are always confused in the face of the arrival of love, unwittingly lost on the way, and my love for marriage, is also a circle, even if a circle or return to each other's side, turn around, you are still mine.?. You're still mine. 

Finally, one day a few years later, we racked our brains to achieve what our parents wanted in their hearts, and we finally got together. My parents were no longer obstructing us. On the day of my birthday, we got married. That afternoon we were all very excited to carry on this thrilling moment. My heart was still beating when I got out of the hall. I couldn't be calm for a moment. 

This is the witness of love and the result of our inseparable journey. 

It was the eve of the Spring Festival, and when he came to my house, he was full of joy and wanted to tell my parents about us, but my family was all old legends. He was determined to take me to his house to have a look, but his parents hindered me again and again. 

Later, he went back and listened to what he said. I was worried that he would not be able to hand in the job. I was afraid that he would be embarrassed and at a loss, so I secretly stole my papers from my parents' hands and went to his house quietly. Their relatives and friends' parents were very enthusiastic. I also like the atmosphere very much. I went back home a few days later and concealed it as if it didn't happen. 

Until we have married together and have a community of love, although there is no good wedding, I have been satisfied, I just hope that we can all be together, there is a family, love, and happiness, life is full of warmth. 

Love is overnight, love is from heartbeat to ancient rare, for you to do those seemingly impossible things are very precious! 

There will always be someone in the world who can read every good word you say and see through the eyebrow. 

Yujian sighs, our affection is used in the right place, then he is meaningful, finally, we got married with a smile, it is also appropriate to marry love, now we each have concern for each other in our hearts, this life, we have integrated into each other's lives, by the half of our lives made up of two. 

All one's life, a small family is formed in this way. 

Perhaps in this bizarre society, few people can live a long life, but I still believe that the mountains and rivers that have passed through the mountains and rivers, Pinghu, misty and rainy years, and those who have experienced hardship and doom will be wider and cleaner, while time is just watching, and the process still has to come step by step, and all the acts and results need to be borne by ourselves. 

In life, whether it is to express a kind of love and gratitude to the one who loves me or to the one who loves me, I think many ways will not be limited to a certain day or a special day. as long as we have love, we can release and pass on our love and love to each other through every day and every detail of our daily life. 

Love in life should be like spring rain that moistens everything in silence, not a summer storm. 

We love every day of life, love everyone around us, love should be like a thin stream warm in the heart, love should be like the warmth of a fire filled with the space of life, this is the situation of married life, let love become perfect. 

When we break through the difficulties to achieve the present happiness, we will be very grateful and grateful for how brave we were and how persistent we were; no matter when and where we are, we have a wonderful tacit understanding. 

Now no matter what you think, do or say, even though the woods and over the mountains, I know you won't leave me! 

And you, after all, is mine, we still have to spend a lifetime together, from the wife to the old woman. 

The deepest love is always a combination of wind and rain, the deepest love is to share cold and warm weather, a cup of hot water when catching a cold, a washed and dried quilt, a trivial quarrel, and a hug that can be given after anger. 

When the romance fades away, the warmth of firewood, rice, oil, and salt is the most lasting confession. 

If we want to commit to our love, we need to stick to each other. We all cherish each other who have come and never left. May the sunshine and you still be there when we are old. 

The cohesion of marriage forms the crystal of our love. 

Our efforts are not for anything else, but more choices in our future life, and we choose people who like each other to have a happy life; happiness is often a pleasant surprise when we accidentally find that we have become parents before we know it. This ecstatic joy is an unspeakable original intention. 

Seeing you happy and happy, let me also instantly feel that our love to marriage has a new continuation, and soon will become a family of three, the arrival of a new life let us take another step based on the previous, gradually mature and rational to look at and choose problems. 

We will communicate with each other, not as casually as we do when we are alone. 

Will know more about this family. 

There are family, love, and feelings.