My happiness is just right-2

/October 2021

After the joy, Xiao Bao's arrival made a mother suddenly feel that joy and pain coexist, love and home are together, and vomiting during pregnancy becomes uncontrollable, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, and sunny. Slowly, my mother could not bear this kind of suffering and collapsed on an unbearable day, dizzy and hospitalized. I didn't want anything wrong with this joy because I couldn't bear it. 

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So in the great pain, I have to bear, to meet this little life and strong endure a short period of pain. 

The emergence of little life makes you tired and happy in your current work, no matter how hard and tired you are, you are still brimming with happiness; many times, I suddenly thought that it must be a special fate so that we can live together for a long time and live a streamlined life so that we can become a family all the way. 

It is the witness of your thoughtfulness and love for me, and my inseparable love for you. 

Those who have loved attentively, even if they love like summer flowers, even if they are only half summer, also feel willing to do so. 

I hope we can all be invincible, let today's rain wash away yesterday's worries, tomorrow's sundry today's clothes, accept the treatment we should have in life, and welcome the continuation of life for our family of three. 

This is a good hope, is our happiness, this may be the most brilliant scenery in ordinary life. 

Finally, the sun dispelled the haze we wanted and brought us a lot of light. 

In this life, it will be wonderful to live the life we want. 

May you and I still smile after the wind and rain, love meet and marriage is still sincere. 

A happy life is nothing more than a mood. 

My life is gradually on the right track in the days of marriage, perhaps we are still in this kind of happiness, so for life, the mood should be the source of alleviating all hardship in life, there is no big truth to speak of, living is a kind of mood, can only live in a good mood, tired do not say tired, suffering does not say bitterly. 

Happiness may be reflected in this "do not say tired" and "do not say bitter" …... 

Every day we are insipid and warm, life has firewood, rice, oil, and salt, you also have the trivia of work, when I hear you complain about your work, I understand, because this is the same as life, there should be a lot of moods, at least in life you feel the four seasons of the day, you are satisfied with the present life. 

As I cook in general, there is no talent in your eyes, gradually you can slowly find a trace of sweet and sour, oil and salt manipulation, enough to make it difficult to shovel a pot of fresh, but can still be happy to do love dishes, even if salty, burnt out without light. 

Still smug. 

Sometimes I am often tired, sometimes I feel impetuous, and sometimes I fall into emotion because I hear a song that puts my mood into the song. In real life, I live simply and happily in swinging and hitting. I don't let any kind of trivial things lead an emotional life, and there are not too many miscellaneous things that disturb my mood. Therefore, although life is sometimes busy and tedious, my heart is not too tired. 

Life, may not be a simple thing, there is not too much plain sailing, not too many wishes come true, some, may just be some at any time to "hit a brick wall" …... 

Days, I found that it is a mood, as sung in the play, there may be a little bit of emotional reflection, but not entirely belong to their own, after feeling, will still return to their days, is nothing more than a family and family work, and everything is nothing more than in the 'mood' above. 

People sometimes accidentally enter the magic path of the day in the life, instilling negative desires into the heart, leading to the spurning of life. 

That may be that, after hard work and hardship, the money did not enter the pocket obediently; the reality did not succeed when trying to break through the window of the career; it was indescribable that the body suffered some pain; when the relatives went through various events, they went to heaven and earth separately; only to find that tomorrow is still a long way off … ….? 


Under all kinds of doom, there will inevitably be loss and frustration, perhaps complaining, but it doesn't matter if you can come out in time after a negative emotion and try to adjust yourself. do not let bad emotions fight people's mood for a long time, affect the life that could have been happy and happy, then life is still as bright as new. 

It is very important to live a life, adjust your state of mind and keep in a good mood. 

No matter how big the difficulties and setbacks are, there will always be a time when the weather will clear up after the rain. all complaints and anger will not solve any problems. 

As written in the book: laughter to life is a positive attitude towards life.